Enhance Your Gate Operations with our Sliding Gate Motors: Powerful, Reliable, and Intelligent

Experience the pinnacle of performance with our cutting-edge sliding gate motors. Engineered for Motorized Sliding Gate Systems, our automatic sliding gate kits provide unrivaled convenience and reliability. From industrial sliding gate automation to driveway sliding gate automation, our intelligent sliding gate controllers ensure smooth and energy-efficient operation. Discover the future of gate automation.

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Meet the Most Secure & Fast Sliding Gate Motors & Automation Systems

Introduce a higher level of safety and security in your facility with our fast and powerful sliding gate operators. They are brilliantly designed and engineered to save your precious time by simplifying and automating the gate operation.

Be it a heavy-duty industrial sliding gate or a simple residential sliding gate, our operators are capable of automating them easily without any hassles or manual intervention.

Backed by high-end technology, our gate operators are engineered to work even in the most challenging working environments and guaranteed to meet your security & automation requirements.

All the sliding gate operators and automation systems are brought to you exclusively by Stebilex Systems. We are the premier distributor of domestic and industrial sliding gate operators/motors in UAE & Qatar.

Secure Your Facility with Our Sliding Gate Operators

Gate Motors for Domestic Sliding Gates

Now no need to get out of the car for opening and closing your residential sliding gate with our smart gate operator. Designed for regular use, they deliver great performance and keep your loved ones safe and secure.

  • Easy to install
  • Can easily be controlled from a smartphone app and remote control
  • Modern design
  • Reliable battery backup
  • Compatible with all kinds of domestic sliding gates

Gate Motors for Industrial Sliding Gates

Ensure faster entry and exit of vehicles in your facility with our industrial sliding gates. Equipped with a built-in control unit, magnetic encoder, and modern technology, they are capable of operating large, heavy-duty sliding gates efficiently.

  • Compatible with all types of industrial sliding gates
  • Saves time by offering fast and reliable performance
  • Features modern, sleek design
  • Reliable battery backup
  • Easy to install and simple to use

Key Features

Easy to Install & Convenient to Use

Our gate motors are convenient to install on all types of sliding gates, be it a 100 kg residential gate or a heavy-duty 1000kg industrial one. Plus they don’t demand extensive construction and regular maintenance.

Safety Guaranteed with Obstacle Detection Technology

Obstacle detection is a smart technology that stops the movement of a sliding gate when a person or object accidentally gets in the way. Backed by high-end algorithms and sensors, it guarantees maximum safety and convenience.

Sturdy, Modern Design That Goes Well With Your Facility’s Look & Style

Featuring a modern, contemporary design, our sliding gate operators blend well with all types of architectural styles. This elegant look is backed by highly durable build quality and an everlasting surface finish.

Program, Schedule, and Decide Automations According to Your Needs

Equipped with intelligent control units and smart hardware, our sliding gate operators enable users to program and schedule automations according to their routine and security needs. The process requires no complex configuration and can be done easily right from your smartphone.

Extra Security Ensured with Reliable Battery Backup

Our sliding gate operators don’t allow unauthorized users to take advantage of power outages and blackouts to enter your facility. Thanks to the reliable battery backup, that powers the gate operators during emergencies and ensures seamless operation.

Our Brand Partners


Nice Sliding Gates

Nice is an Italy-based brand, renowned for its user-friendly, advanced, and simple-to-use sliding gate operators. All of its products are designed to work together and form a convenient, hassle-free eco-system.

Explore sliding gates from Nice


FAAC Sliding Gates

With over 50 years of expertise and 75 patents, FAAC is one of the most innovative and redefining gate automation brands in the industry. All of its products are recognized by SAFEzone and GREENtech.

Explore sliding gates from FAAC


Centurion Sliding Gates

Centurion designs and builds ultimate sliding gate automation systems for industrial and residential applications. The brand is recognized worldwide for its exceptional build quality and technical specifications.

Explore sliding gates from Centurion


RIB Sliding Gates

RIB is a pioneer in designing and building excellent automation systems for all different types of gates, barriers and garage doors. All RIB products are known for their world-class build quality and innovative design.
Explore sliding gates from RIB

  • Silent Operation
  • Offers a gate speed of 0.31 m/s
  • IP44 protection class
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Also available with inductive limit switch
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  • Silent operation
  • IP44 protection class
  • Sturdy and modern design
  • Also available with inductive limit switch
  • Capable of moving 2500 kg sliding gates at a speed of 0.17 m/s
Know MoreData Sheet
  • Comes with an electrical Asynchronous single-phase operator is capable of moving a 40m gate leaf and offers 9.5m/minute speed
  • Features a special twin-disk anti-crushing clutch and offers thrust adjustment from 0 to 110 daN
  • Since the Gear Motor unit is non-reversing there is no need for electric locks to be installed
Know MoreData Sheet
  • Comes equipped with a non-reversing Gearmotor, so need of installing electric locks
  • Supports sliding gates weighing up to 500kg
  • Allows manual operation in case of a power cut or outage
  • Has a gate use frequency of 30%
  • User-friendly and simplified on display programming
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FAAC 740 230V Sliding Gate Operator in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia
  • Intelligent speed control
  • Code-hopping multi-channel receiver with selective add and delete
  • Comes with Intruder-detection Alarm Modes and ChronoGuard timer functionality
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  • Offers reliable battery backup during power failures and outages
  • Capable of operating gates at a remarkable speed of 60 cm/sec
  • Easy to install and operate from the convenience of your smartphone
  • Comes with a solid cage for extra protection and security from potential threats
  • Provides wireless and effortless operation with advanced diagnostic feedback
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  • Features Gradual start, soft-stop and electronic brake
  • Has high-precision limit switch system for gates up to 10,5 m
  • Built-in heating system with ACG4665 to withstand -30°C
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RIB Irreversible Sliding Gate Operator - SUPER 2200
  • The speed of the K400 can be adjusted from 9 to 20 m/minute
  • Customisable release key
  • Offers 30 cycles with two 1.2 Ah batteries during power failure
Know MoreData Sheet
RIB Operator for Sliding Gates - K400 (Irreversible operator, max hb400 kg)


Our reliably fast and efficient gate motors are capable of automating sliding gates in a wide range of facilities and applications.


Residential Facilities






Government Institutions


Mining Facilities


Schools & Colleges

Explore our sliding gate motors

Nice sliding gate motors products

FAAC sliding gate motors products

Centurion sliding gate motors products

RIB sliding gate motors products

  • RIB Irreversible Operator for Industrial Sliding Gate – SUPER 6000-8000 (Max Gate weight up 8.000 kg, indestructible, fast model 8000 Super fast)

  • RIB Irreversible Operator for Industrial Sliding Gates – SUPER 3600-4000 (Max weight 4.000 kg, fast version available)

  • RIB Irreversible Sliding Gate Operator – SUPER 2200 (Industrial gate operator, Max gate weight 2200 kg)

  • RIB Irreversible Operator for Sliding Gates K1400 – K2200 (Max gate weight up to 2,200 kg)

  • RIB Irreversible operator for Sliding Gates – K800 (Max Gate weight 800 kg)

  • RIB Operator for Sliding Gates – RIB K500 (Irreversible, best for residential use, Max 500 kg)

  • RIB Operator for Sliding Gates – K400 (Irreversible operator, max hb400 kg)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sliding gate motor?

A sliding gate motor is a type of motor, designed and engineered for operating sliding gates. It receives a signal from the transmitter and opens/closes the sliding gate without any manual intervention. The motor can be electromechanical, hydraulic, and electronic depending on the model.

What is the difference between a swing gate and sliding gate operators?

Swing gate operators are built exclusively for opening and closing swing gates after receiving the signal from the user. On the other side, sliding gate operators can only automate sliding gates. Users decide the operator type, depending on the type of gate they have in their facility.

How about the guarantee and after-sale service?

All of our products come with a manufacturer warranty.

How long does it take for delivery?

Most of our products are sourced from manufacturers, and we promise you a same-day response to your request and the quickest delivery thereafter.

What makes sliding gate motors a smart move for my business?

Sliding gate motors are a smart move for your business because they offer powerful, reliable, and intelligent automation. With features like remote control and automatic operation, they streamline traffic at commercial sites, ensuring efficient entry and exit. Investing in motorized swing gates will surely give you enhanced security and convenience.

How can sliding gate motors streamline traffic at my commercial site?

Sliding gate motors can effectively streamline traffic at your commercial site. With their fast and powerful operation, they ensure faster entry and exit of vehicles, reducing congestion and improving traffic flow. Experience seamless automation and save time with remote swing gate control for your business.

Why are businesses all about sliding gate motors these days?

Businesses are choosing sliding gate motors due to their exceptional benefits. From automatic swing gate openers to residential swing gate automation, these systems provide convenience, security, and efficient traffic management. By investing in commercial swing gate systems, you enhance your business operations and create a modern and secure environment.

Can sliding gate motors be paired with my current security system?

Yes, sliding gate motors can be easily paired with your current security system. They integrate seamlessly, allowing you to control and monitor your gates remotely. With residential swing gate automation, you can enhance the security of your property while maintaining compatibility with your existing setup.

Can sliding gate motors handle the heavy traffic at my business?

Absolutely! Sliding gate motors are designed to handle heavy traffic at businesses. Whether it’s a bustling commercial site or an industrial facility, these motors offer fast and reliable performance. Their robust construction and advanced technology ensure smooth operation even in high-traffic environments.

What kind of warranty and support do I get with sliding gate motors?

When you choose sliding gate motors, you receive excellent warranty and support. Reputable suppliers like Stebilex offer comprehensive warranty coverage and reliable technical support to ensure your satisfaction. Their commitment to customer service ensures that you have assistance whenever you need it, giving you peace of mind and long-term reliability.

Is investing in sliding gate motors cost-effective for my business?

Investing in sliding gate motors is highly cost-effective for your business. With their energy-efficient operation and durable build quality, they offer long-term savings. The convenience and enhanced security they provide outweigh the initial investment, making them a smart choice for businesses of all sizes.

Can sliding gate motors stand up to the weather at my location?

Sliding gate motors are built to withstand various weather conditions. Their sturdy construction and weather-resistant features ensure reliable operation in different climates. Whether it’s scorching heat, heavy rain, or freezing temperatures, these motors are designed to endure and keep your property secure.

How do sliding gate motors help manage vehicle entry and exit at my site?

Sliding gate motors play a vital role in managing vehicle entry and exit at your site. With their remote swing gate control feature, you can easily regulate access, allowing authorized vehicles to enter while ensuring security. These motorized swing gates streamline the process, reducing traffic congestion and enhancing overall efficiency at your facility.

Are sliding gate motors a dependable long-term solution for my business security?

Sliding gate motors are a dependable long-term solution for your business security. With their robust design, advanced technology, and reliable performance, they provide enhanced protection against unauthorized access. Invest in residential or commercial swing gate systems to safeguard your assets and ensure peace of mind.

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