Nice Run 1200 HS Electromechanical Motor for Sliding Gates

Introduce fast and safe Nice Gate Motor for gate automation to your industrial facility with the hi-speed Nice Run 1200 HS sliding gate operator.

Key Features

  • Perfect for 1200 kg sliding gates
  • Silent and fast operation
  • IP44 protection class
  • Capable of moving gates at the speed of 0.37 m/s
  • User-friendly and simple to use

Meet Nice Run 1200 HS Gate Motor – the fastest sliding gate operator in the industry that’s capable of moving a 1200kg, 7m long gate in just 18 seconds. Featuring top-notch construction quality, it is a highly reliable and powerful electromechanical gear motor with high-end specs.

It comes equipped with smart temperature sensors that power the motor according to the outside temperature to avoid overheating. Plus the intelligent controller helps in integrating the device with the Nice ecosystem for effortless and fast automation. Contact Stebilex Systems to order Nice Run 1200 HS in UAE & Qatar today.

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Additional information

Brands Nice
Product Code/Part Number: Run 1200 HS

Nice Run 1200 HS Electromechanical Motor for Sliding Gates | UAE | Egypt | Qatar

Why Choose Stebilex for the Nice Gate Motor?

Expert Knowledge and Experience
Stebilex offers Nice Gate Motors extensive experience and dependable solutions supported by years of industry knowledge.

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With Stebilex, you can personalise your gate automation and receive customised solutions that are in line with your unique industrial needs for maximum efficiency.

Quality Assurance
Put your trust in Stebilex’s dedication to quality as they provide different gate solutions and Nice Run 1200 HS Electromechanical Motors that meet the highest requirements.

Comprehensive Support
Get comprehensive customer care at Stebilex, from pre-installation consultations to committed post-installation assistance, guaranteeing a smooth and trouble-free experience.

Seamless Integration
Make use of Stebilex’s skill in smoothly integrating Nice gate motors into your current automation setup.

Competitive Pricing
All people may now access advanced automation thanks to Stebilex’s affordable solutions that maintain Nice Gate Motors’ performance and quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the key features of the Nice Run 1200 HS Electromechanical Motor for Sliding Gates?

The motor has a special design that allows moving seven metres of gates weighing at least 1200 kgs within 18 seconds which adds to its success. The integrated temperature sensors and sophisticated features ensure reliable and efficient door automation.

How does the Nice Run 1200 HS ensure the fast and silent operation of sliding gates?

The Nice Run 1200 HS gate moves silently at a speed of 0.37 m/s. A silent and quick traveller makes this model suitable for industries searching for reliable factory gate automation.

What makes the Nice Gate Motor suitable for industrial gate automation?

Nice Gate Motors has a good 1200 kilogrammes capacity of power supply and they power Nice Run-1200HS. This has a sturdy electromechanical gear motor designed for automated industrial gate control.

What is the maximum weight and size of gates that the Nice Run 1200 HS can handle?

The Nice Run 1200, HS is best for its weight of up to 700kg and 7 meters in length. The flexibility of gate automation is associated with its capacity to accommodate large volumes.

How does the IP44 protection class benefit the Nice Run 1200 HS in outdoor environments?

Nice run 1200 hs has an ip44 rating that makes it resistant to weather conditions. This cover allows the engine to withstand various weather conditions; thus, strengthening it.

What is the speed of gate movement with the Nice Run 1200 HS motor?

Being very fast, it has a gate speed rating of 0.37 meters per second. The company also produces high-speed gates which offers a better option for gate automation due to its ease of use during daily life.

How user-friendly is the Nice Run 1200 HS for daily operations?

Nice run-1200HS has a user-friendly design that allows executing day-to-day tasks simply. The user-friendly control enables users to use simple controls on this interface which makes it easy to both operate and maintain its slides.

What safety features are integrated into the Nice Run 1200 HS gate motor?

The incorporated security precautions guarantee safe gate automation for the Nice Run 1200 HS.” As a reliable product, it guarantees the security of both persons and things for the users.

How does the smart temperature sensor in the Nice Run 1200 HS enhance its performance?

The Nice Run 1200 HS has been fitted with intelligent temperature sensors, which control motor output dependent on ambient temperature to avoid machine overheating. This is an intelligent method, which prolongs the durability of the motor and performance as an assurance gate automation.

Can the Nice Run 1200 HS be integrated with other Nice ecosystem devices for gate automation?

Certainly, Nice Run 1200 HS is designed as an easy addition to Nice’s home ecosystem and will open doors when used on Nice products. Thus, it provides effective control for several functions of the gate.

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