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Modern Digital Time and Attendance Tracking, Access Control Solutions from Control iD

In response to the increasing need for trustworthy and efficient systems, Control ID offers contemporary digital solutions for access control and time attendance. For companies of all kinds, they stress the significance of precise biometric time attendance records and security. Fortified security and optimized operations are guaranteed by Control iD’s experience and dedication to excellence.

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Control ID

About Control iD

A Brazilian corporation called Control iD specializes in time and attendance, access control, and electronic identification. The company provides accurate time attendance monitoring tools and devices along with access control solutions to help businesses and organizations better manage their workforce. Control iD products and gadgets are well-known because of their accuracy and usefulness. Control iD offers an extensive range of tools and solutions to improve security and optimize operational processes inside your company.

Their products ease your mind, encourage technological innovation inside your company, and reduce the need for human record-keeping. Control ID puts your needs first and invites you to experience their revolutionary impact on your business.

Presenting the Ultimate Solutions to Manage Workers, Streamline Operations, and Boost Security

Control iD provides a range of solutions for time attendance, access management, and security enhancement in business settings.

Time Attendance Devices

Control iD has a reputation for manufacturing accurate and useful time attendance devices. These devices include traditional fingerprint readers, RFID scanners, and facial recognition software.

Access Control Systems

These cutting-edge devices provide companies the ability to manage who is permitted to enter and exit particular parts of their premises. For improved protection, these gadgets may use PINs, key cards, and biometrics.

Visitor Management Systems

These solutions help organizations to effectively track and manage visitors, enhance security, and simplify check-in-check-out processes for guests.

Software Solutions

Their software solutions often compliment the hardware solutions. These exclusive softwares help organizations generate accurate reports, manage attendance data, and integrate with other processes and systems.

Biometric Identification

The biometric solutions from Control iD offers secure and reliable authentication for time attendance and access control.

RFID Cards and Readers

Control iD time attendance devices make use of RFID cards and readers for quick and convenient attendance recording.


Control ID Products for Digital Time Attendance


The iDFlex digital time attendance device is a unique system designed to help organizations effortlessly manage employee attendance. The device is highly user-friendly, efficient, precise, and reliable.

The key features of iDFlex time attendance device include fingerprint identification, RFID card support, user-friendly interface, and real-time data analysis. The design features enable the device to withstand various workplace environments.



The iDClass time attendance device is a technologically advanced biometric attendance system that can be used in all sizes and types of offices. The improved employee tracking process with a user-friendly approach makes it a reliable choice. The device is error-proof and compliant with labor standards.

The features of the iDClass device include advanced biometric identification and real-time data access and analysis. It provides a simpler method for employee clock-ins, streamlined administration, and centralized control and reporting. Besides, the biometric identification and multi-authentication support, and RFID card access makes it one of the most reliable employee attendance tracking devices.



iDAttendance is everything you desire to have in a digital attendance tracking system. The iDAttendance software improves the efficiency of your business by giving you the most accurate and efficient attendance and automated time logging solution that cuts the costs and empowers you to take data-driven decisions. The key aspects of the software consist of real-time attendance calculation, comprehensive reporting, automation, and customization.

Standalone Control iD Products for Access Control

These solutions do not require a supporting software or internet connection to work. These are self-sufficient and work independently and efficiently.


A facial recognition system takes into consideration the unique features of an individual’s face. The accuracy of the biometric attendance system is defined based on its capability to recognize these unique characteristic features of faces without errors. Facial recognition is widely regarded as one of the most sophisticated contactless identification and hence has got greater significance in the realm of access control in secured premises.

The iDFace facial recognition software prioritizes the following aspects.

  • Biometric Precision
  • Touchless Access
  • Rapid Authorization
  • Data Security

The precision, efficiency, and user-friendliness of the IDFace software makes it a perfect choice for

  • Corporate Offices
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Facilities
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Settings
  • Hospitality Facilities
  • Retail Stores
  • Residential Communities
id face


The Control iD Access Controller iDAccess allows authorized people to access a room in a more effective and a safe manner. iDAccess is equipped with the memory capability to store up to 200,000 records and up to 100,000 fingerprints. iDAccess can be set with as many restrictions for groups and schedules as you want.

The iDAccess is easy to use, offering authorization with passwords, magnetic cards, barcodes or biometrics.The software embedded with the device does not require any installation and is capable of automatic backup synchronization on the cloud.

The key features include,

  • Touchscreen display
  • Access rules customization for specific groups and schedules
  • Authorization using personal passwords, biometric identification, magnetic cards, and barcodes
  • Embedded software that enables automatic backup synchronization.
  • An integrated alarm center

iDAccess Pro

A multi-functional access control system, iDAccess Pro offers both security and convenience for businesses. The technology uses a perfect combination of biometric authentication using traditional card access, real-time access monitoring, and time & attendance tracking. The solution also provides customizable access rules to align with specific standards and security requirements.

iDAccess Pro’s multifunctional capabilities make it a favorite choice for businesses

  • RFID card access
  • Biometric Authentication, including fingerprint and facial recognition
  • Time and Attendance Tracking
  • Real-time access event monitoring
  • Customizable Access Rules


iDBox, a multifunctional access controller, represents one of the most advanced single product solutions capable of controlling people going in and out of restricted sites.The system is equipped with a 4.3″ LCD touch screen display. It also uses integrated web software to allow the authorization of a maximum of 200000 users at 4 different doors.

iDBox can set the access rules for specific groups and schedules and can authenticate permissions using the proximity readers and biometric sensors. Besides, it can be combined with iDCloud, enabling better cloud management.

The key aspects of iDBox include,

  • The embedded software that eliminates installation processes
  • Manages 4 pushbuttons and door sensors
  • Facilitates Ethernet communication, RS-485, RS-232, and Wiegand/ABATRACK

iDAccess Pro Prox

iDAccess Pro Prox, an advanced access control device from Control iD, that offers ultimate security and convenience. The features include prox card compatibility and well advanced biometric identification.

These features make it the best choice for use in various applications, including

  • Corporate buildings
  • Government offices
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Research facilities

iDAccess Nano

A remarkable access control solution from Control iD, iDAccess Nano is a formidable combination of power and compactness. This considerably smaller sized device helps businesses to secure their premises efficiently and conveniently. The space saving feature, owing to the smaller size, makes it perfectly suitable for higher degree of security, leaving minimal access control footprint, in various businesses of different sizes and nature.

iDAccess Nano is a perfect mix of multiple access methods. They include,

  • Traditional RFID Card Access
  • Fingerprint Identification
  • Access Monitoring to Identify Security Breaches

A Few More Standalone Access Controllers from Control iD

  • iDAccess Nano Prox
  • iDAccess Nano Slave
  • iDAccess
  • iDFlex
  • iDFlex Pro Prox
  • iDFlex IP65
  • iDFlex IP65 Prox
  • iDFit 4×2
  • iDTouch
  • iDBox
Standalone Access Controllers

Secure Your Premises with Ultimate
Digital Lock Solutions from Control iD

Control iD offers digital lock solutions with biometric identification and password identification.

iDLock Bio





Vehicle Access Control with UHF Readers

Vehicle Access Control with UHF Readers

Control iD’s vehicle access monitoring and managing devices can work with a range up to 15 meters. These devices are IP65 protected.


  • Integrated UHF reader
  • Range up to 15 m

iDUHF Lite

  • Integrated UHF reader
  • Range up to 12 m

Control iD Turnstiles: Intuitive Access Control Solutions
Based on Biometric Identification

These high-end turnstiles can find their applications in public places and corporate buildings. Their innovative design features and quick and easy operation make them a favorite choice for various applications.

iDBlock Black

  • Can be operated stand-alone as well as online
  • Can register up to a 100,000 fingerprints
  • Color display with touch screen

iDBlock Black

  • Avoid double entrances by blocking multiple passes in one direction
  • Touch screen color display
  • Standalone as well as online operation

iDBlock Drop Arm

  • Touch screen color display
  • Standalone as well as online operation
  • The drop arm mechanism help during emergencies

iDBlock Bridge- Type

  • Innovative bridge-like design
  • Touch screen color display
  • Standalone/ online operation

Gate iDBlock Handicapped Accessible

  • Exclusively designed for disabled people
  • Horizontal Articulated Arm
  • Standalone/online operation
  • Touch screen color display

Control iD Proximity Reader Ideal for Various Environments

There are three models available at present. All of them are different with unique design aspects and applications.

iDProx Compact

  • Long reading range and fast response
  • Easy installation and greater integration
  • Audiovisual signage following the card reading


  • Easy installation and greater integration
  • Long reading range and fast response
  • Audiovisual signage following the card reading
  • Slim Design, Wiegand and ABATRACK outputs

iDProx USB

  • Quick data transmission, thanks to USB interface
  • Plug and play operation

Control iD Biometric Reader


  • High speed USB interface enable fast response
  • Precise fingerprint collection and identification
  • A high-end prism ensures accuracy in adverse fingerprint instances
  • More than 1000 fingerprints per second

iDSecure: ControliD On-premise And Cloud Software Solutions

  • The software solution is complementary to the hardware solutions from ControliD
  • iDSecure On-Premises
  • iDSecure Cloud

Applications of Control ID Products

The digital time attendance products from ContriliD find their applications in various industries, thanks to the ultra convenience and security they offer. They are used for greater employee management, accurate time tracking, and access controlling and monitoring. The sectors where these devices are extensively used include,

  • Manufacturing facilities where it is required to streamline activities and manage a larger workforce.
  • Retail Businesses where it is important to curb access to the stock room and keep track of employee attendance.
  • Healthcare facilities where precision, prompt actions, workforce management, and restricted access are very crucial.
  • Educational Institutions where efficient attendance tracking is inevitable.

Several other industries where these devices are very important are,

  • Hospitality Industry
  • Factories
  • Data Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Residential Complexes

What Makes Stebilex The Right Place to
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Control iD offers digital lock solutions with biometric identification and password identification.

Expertise in Time Attendance and Access Control

Stebilex is well-known as a leading provider of access control and time attendance systems. We have extensive knowledge and practical experience, so we are able to relate to the particular requirements and difficulties that companies in a variety of sectors confront.

Diverse Range of Control iD Products

Businesses have a large range of options for Control iD products from Stebilex, giving them a lot to choose from. Our selection includes everything you need, including digital time attendance devices, access control systems, and attendance calculation software.

Tailored Solutions

We are aware that every company is different and has different requirements. We take great delight in providing specialized solutions because of this. Our team of professionals works directly with companies to find their needs and then suggests Control iD products that are exactly what you need.

Exceptional Customer Support and Service

We at Stebilex are dedicated to providing top-notch client service. We go above and above to meet the demands of our clients because we really believe that their success is also our success. We have a committed support staff on hand to help with any questions or issues.

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Control iD Products for Quick and Accurate Digital Attendance Tracking and Better Security!

Payroll operations are made simpler and overall workplace security is enhanced, which makes them a crucial choice for businesses trying to optimize productivity and protect sensitive data.

Control ID

About Stebilex

With a special focus on automation solutions, security systems, and access control, Stebilex Systems has become a favorite choice of individuals and enterprises looking for enhanced security and automation.  Our steadfast dedication to assisting clients in making wise decisions has made us a reliable partner. If you are an individual seeking to safeguard your home or place of business and need more restricted access for your visitors and customers, Stebilex Systems provides the expertise and tools necessary to give you peace of mind. We set industry standards by offering superior security solutions that go above and beyond what clients anticipate.

Buy Control iD Products from Stebilex

Buy Control iD
Products from Stebilex

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a digital time attendance device?

Accurately recording and tracking employee attendance and working hours is the main function of a digital time attendance device. It assists companies with payroll processing, staff attendance tracking, and security enhancement by limiting entry to the building to just those who are authorized.

What are the key features of Control iD's digital time attendance solutions?

Features including shift management, access control, real-time monitoring, biometric and RFID-based attendance tracking, and payroll system connection are frequently included in Control iD’s solutions. They provide a variety of software and hardware products for tracking attendance and time.

How does biometric time attendance device technology enhance security?

Biometric attendance systems authenticate users by using distinct physiological traits like iris scans, fingerprints, or face recognition. By guaranteeing that only those with permission may register their attendance, this improves security by lowering the possibility of “buddy punching” and illegal entry.

How does the electronic attendance recorder benefit companies?

Electronic attendance recorders increase security, streamline payroll processing, lower fraud, increase accuracy in recording attendance, and offer useful attendance information for more effective worker management.

What industries benefit the most from electronic time attendance devices?

Many industries, including government, education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and many more, employ electronic time attendance devices because accurate attendance tracking is crucial for payroll and compliance.

Can electronic attendance recorders integrate with existing business systems?

Many electronic attendance recorders may be combined with existing business systems, such payroll and HR software, to enhance workflow and data interchange.

What are the advantages of using RFID cards for time attendance?

RFID attendance tracking cards are quick and easy to use. The approach is efficient since employees only need to scan their cards to register their attendance. Moreover, RFID cards are simple to replace if stolen and less intrusive than biometric techniques.

What role does Control ID play in employee identification and access control?

Control iD is renowned for offering solutions for time attendance monitoring, access control, and employee identification. Their innovations aim to enhance security and streamline human management.

What are the benefits of using Control ID's iDAccess Pro access control solutions?

Control iD’s iDAccess Pro solutions frequently incorporate features like event logging, visitor management, advanced access control, and interaction with several authentication methods for a comprehensive access control system.

Can Control iD's systems integrate with my current HR software?

Time and attendance data can be effortlessly synchronized with your current software thanks to Control ID’s customizable solutions that can interact with a variety of HR software systems. Their dedication to compatibility guarantees a seamless transfer and improved personnel management effectiveness.

What are the differences between digital time attendance machines and cartographic attendance devices?

Digital time attendance devices are frequently used for tracking attendance inside an organization. They usually record attendance using biometrics or RFID cards. Cartographic attendance devices, on the other hand, are widely used in remote or field-based labor management since they track attendance using location-based data.

What security measures does Control iD implement in their biometric solutions?

Control iD implements extensive security procedures to protect biometric data. The encryption mechanism ensures that the data is safeguarded against any security breaches and unauthorized access.To ensure additional protection, they make sure the solutions are compliant with industry standards such as CCPA.

Are Control iD's devices suitable for large enterprises?

Control ID offers solutions that may be customized to match the unique demands of your organization, regardless of the size of your workforce.

What is the warranty period for Control iD products, and what does it cover?

The warranty varies from product to product. To know better about the product-specific warranty period, you may need to visit Control iD’s official website or contact the customer support team directly.