RIB Operator for Sliding Gates – RIB K500 (Irreversible, best for residential use, Max 500 kg)

RIB K500 gate operator is designed to automate sliding gates and doors weighing up to 500 kg. K500 offers easy functionality and can be used for entrances of houses, semi-commercial premises. With a guaranteed 25 consecutive cycles without heating making K500 suitable for medium frequented facilities.

Key Features

  • Release lock with a personalized key or allen key
  • K500 FAST version is twice as fast as standard K500
  • In-built K-CRX control panel comes with 433MHz receiver

The RIB K500 comes with a fixing plate that allows height adjustments and can be fixed on ground with expansion screws or concrete. K500 can be fitted on the same base as K5(no longer in production). The RIB K500 enables adjustable deceleration and in-built control unit and K-CRX safeties according to EN12453 Norms. The K500 is available in three versions – K500 (AA33694) without pc board, K500 (AA33695) with K-CRX pc board, and K500 FAST (AA33750) with K-CRX pc board fitted on an iron rack. The FAST version is twice as fast as the standard K500.

K500 comes with K-CRX control panel and can be configured to be used with SUN and MOON 433MHz remote controls. You can buy the RIB gate and door automation products in the region from Stebilex Systems. Order K500 and complete range of accessories from us to get fast delivery and best prices in the middle east.

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Product details

Brands RIB
AA33694 – K500 without pc board
AA33695 – K500 complete with K-CRX pc board
AA33750 – K500 FAST complete with K-CRX pc board (to be fitted only with iron rack)

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