RIB Operator for Swing Gates – KING EVO L (Operates 5m gate leaf, max weight 500kg)

RIB KING EVO L comes in various versions to provide easy functionality and versatile application. An enhanced version of KING EVO, the KING EVO L is capable of handling 5m long gates weighing up to 500kg. KING EVO L offers silent operation and frequent use and can be implemented at detached dwellings or apartment blocks to large company premises.

Key Features

  • Operates gates handling 5m long gates weighing up to 500kg
  • Offers 150 daily cycles
  • ICE is suitable to work at temperatures as low as -30°C

KING EVO L is designed to operate without any noise, thanks to mechanical components are lubricated with special synthetic grease and the Ø20mm large 4-thread endless screws used in installing the units. The KING EVO L can be fitted on bigger gates and comes in three versions – the standard version KING EVO L, the KING EVO L ICE with a temperature sensor, and the KING EVO L 24V for intensive use. The KING EVO L 24V comes with optional buffer batteries, providing at least 40 cycles, in case of a blackout.

With its 24 V motor, KING EVO L is ideal for use on gates that undergo heavy opening/closing cycles. All the standard versions come with a mechanical limit switch opening providing guaranteed accuracy in opening the gates. Order KING EVO L swing gate automation operator and complete accessories from Stebilex Systems.

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Product details

Brands RIB
A14070 – KING EVO L
AA14075 – KING EVO L ICE with temperature sensor
AA14092 – KING EVO L 24V for intensive use

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