RIB Irreversible Swing Gate Operator – PREMIER (Gate leaf up to 3 m, Max weight up to 300 kg)

PREMIER swing gate operator from RIB is an electro-mechanical automation system and is suitable for gates installed on large pillars. The PREMIER offers an opening radius of 105 degrees for each gate leaf. The RIB PREMIER also offers additional safety features such as anti-theft locking, anty-crushing safety, and easy release system.

Key Features

  • Safety features such as anti-theft locking and anti-crushing safety
  • Complies with EN12453:2017 regulation
  • The control board B2 24V-CRX is designed for easy programming

PREMIER can be used on gates where there is considerable distance between the hinge and hedge of the pillar. The drive arm of the PREMIER has an anti-theft locking device that prevents the opening of the gate if pushed from outside. It also complies with EN12453:2017 regulation and features adjustable impact sensors that allow maximum safety. Meanwhile, the optional back-up batteries provide operation in case of a power outage. The control board of PREMIER – B2 24V-CRX is designed for easy programming for pedestrian opening, slow operation while opening and closing, and adjustable impact sensor for every single gate. PREMIER also comes with a built-in 433 MHz radio receiver.

The manual release in the PREMIER is quick and easy, while the lower part of the unit has two mechanical stoppers for both opening and closing gate guaranteeing an accurate stop at the end of the gate leaf. You can buy RIB PREMIER swing gate operator from Stebilex Systems.

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Product details

Brands RIB
AA18018 – PREMIER 24V with pc board B2 24V-CRX (Master)
AA18014B – PREMIER 24V without pc board (Slave)

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