GEM GML800 Series Electromechanical Mortise Locks

The GML800 series electromechanical mortise locks are ideal for a wide range of applications and available with various monitoring functions. The GML800 series can be configured with any sophisticated access control system and is LH and RH configurable.

Key Features

  • Can be configured with any sophisticated access control system
  • Comes with field reversible latchbolt
  • Filed changeable fail-safe/fail-secure and comes with latch monitoring option

An ideal solution for business premises and busy access control areas the UBio-X Face one of the fastest recognition speeds and reads four people at the same time as the pass through gates. The system comes with liveness detection and anti spoofing algorithms that can recognise faces even with masks, and differentiates between live face and 3D face mask, face photo or photo printed on a paper. Also allows detection in low light environments and under Illuminance up to 25,000 Lux.

The device allows easy enrollment of users via camera or phone pictures uploaded by the administrator. The device can detect temperature and face image at the same time. The terminal comes with a Quad-Core 1.4GHz and supports up to 500,000 Users (1Card: 1User), up to 20,000 users (1Face: 1User). It allows face matching in 1:20,000 manner within one second. The terminal comes with an IP65 dust & waterproof protection rating. UBio-X Face features a 5” Color Touch Screen display and 16GB Flash memory with DDR3 512MB. It supported connectivity and optional proximity card reading for HID Prox, iClass. You can soon buy ViRDI’s face recognition terminal from Steblex Systems in the middle east.

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Additional information

Brands GEM
Product Code/Part Number GML800/GML800-SET

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