GEM Barrier-Free Entrance Solution with AD500 Automatic Door Operator

Promising safety and highest performance GEM Gianni’s Barrier-Free Entrance Solution with AD500 automatic door operator, IR-SSS-5S1 Infrared Safety Sensor, DG-800 Bluetooth enabled proximity reader, and other parts including power supply, electromagnetic lock and exit button.

Key Features

  • Eliminates cross-contamination and reduce the risk of germs spreading
  • Integrated with safety sensors for long-distance unlocking
  • Comes with backup battery

Ideal for various facilities including sports centres, public libraries, parks, schools and large buildings. The integrated solution is Bluetooth empowered and allows both smartphone and card/fob proximity reading to offer completely contactless door access control. The AD500 automatic swing door operator provides the most convenient and straightforward solution for environments where doors must be opened without contact for hygiene reasons or as disability entrance solutions. In combination with the IR-SSS-5S1 safety sensor, the door offers fail-proof operation by detecting all static and moving objects within the detection range.


AD500 automatic swing door operator – housing constructed of anodized aluminium, AD500 comes with a battery back up and adjustable Automatic, Manual, Hold-Open, and Push & GO function.

IR-SSS-5S1 safety sensor – Designed to provide safety protection for automatic swing doors IR-SSS-5S1 safety sensor combines active infrared technology and Position-Sensitive Detection (PSD) technology.
EM-NH300MDS electromagnetic lock – NH series electromagnetic locks feature a slide-in mounting plate design that simplifies the installation. It features 600 LBS Holding Force as well as bond and door sensors.

PBT-925BLED Exit Push Plate – I can be used with RF wireless device (For PBT-940WT/960-WT) and comes with LED Red/Green & Red/Blue illuminations to show door locked or unlocked status

DG-800 PLUS – The proximity reader allows smartphone-operated access, adjustable proximity range and keypad credential. The proximity keypads with integrated Bluetooth enables secure data backup and restore function.

PSM-29T Boxed Power Supply – The compact and lightweight, PSM series switching power supplies are versatile, flexible and highly efficient. They are ideal for a range of access control devices. The PSM-29T also provides battery charging capability and power/battery status LEDs.

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