Paxton Net2 Entry Audio Monitor


Paxton Net2 Entry is an advanced door entry system from Paxton. It either works standalone or alongside Paxton’s Net2 access control, combining door entry with key features of Net2. Paxton Net2 Entry consists of 3 components which are the external panel, interior monitor and door control unit. The Paxton Net2 Entry is a plug and plays solution that comes with a wide range of monitor and panel options making it suitable for a wide variety of sites.

Paxton Net2 Entry Audio Monitor is the latest addition to our door entry range providing a cost-effective option, where a video is not required for every internal door. The audio monitor increases the versatility of the Net2 Entry system, helping to build a fully customizable solution suitable for any site.

Being highly easy to install, Paxton Net2 Entry components are interconnected using Cat5 or standard RJ45 terminated patch cables. The flexibility of Paxton Net2 Entry systems is optimum as it can also utilize existing network infrastructure for simple installation. It is also to be noted that the PoE technology runs power and data along the same cable to avoid the need for separate power supplies.

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