High-tech ANPR camera DHI-ITC415-PW6M-IZ-GN employs cutting-edge technology to analyze vehicle data around the clock even without license plates. With a motorized lens for simple setup and excellent image quality, it is ideal for parking lots and roadways.

Key Features

  • High-quality image with lifelike detail
  • Accurate vehicle recognition without license plates
  • Ideal for parking lots and community roads
  • High-performance CPU for real-time data
  • Built to last with low power consumption and IP67 protection
  • Easy installation with LED illuminator and motorized varifocal lens

Discover the DAHUA DHI-ITC415-PW6M-IZ-GN Access ANPR Camera, your dependable 24/7 partner for vehicle detection and identification.

This camera goes further into obtaining and accurately analyzing vehicle data since it is outfitted with a high-performance CMOS image sensor and CPU. It can recognize automobiles accurately even without license plates thanks to its sophisticated deep learning system. It also recognizes car types, emblems, series, colors, and more, so it does more than just that.

This flexible camera comes with a variety of signal, data, and communication connections that let you link it to other security-enhancing devices like obstacles. Additionally, the motorized varifocal lens and integrated LED illumination simplify setup and installation, respectively.

This camera is appropriate for a variety of challenging settings because of its integrated design, low power consumption, and IP67 protection rating. Its industry-specific CMOS image sensor guarantees superb image quality and great sensitivity, producing lifelike images round-the-clock.

The DAHUA Access ANPR Camera’s performance is more important than merely picture taking. With the help of its powerful CPU processor, it can collect and analyze real-time data from both motorized and non-motorized vehicles, giving comprehensive vehicle features for smart decision-making.

With a capture rate of over 99%, this camera excels at detecting and identifying vehicles. Whether the car is licensed or not, it can identify different vehicle kinds, colors, and even specifics about the driver and front-seat passenger. Its identification rate is above 95%.

The camera is perfect for uses like parking lots and neighborhood roads since it also offers video metadata and intelligent frame presentation.

The built-in LED light and motorized vari-focal lens make installation simple. Additionally, it has six adjustable IR illuminators to improve vision in dim light.

With its outstanding picture and video quality, the DAHUA DHI-ITC415-PW6M-IZ-GN Access ANPR Camera ensures that you catch every detail. You have a choice in how you manage your data thanks to the many video compression settings.

This camera is made to operate superbly in many conditions, whether you need it for security or commercial needs. Prepare to experience the future of vehicle detection and recognition in the UAE, Qatar, and Egypt with Stebilex Systems.

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Additional information

Brands DAHUA
Product Code/Part Number: DHI-ITC415-PW6M-IZ-GN Access ANPR Camera

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DAHUA DHI-ITC415-PW6M-IZ-GN Access ANPR Camera?

The DAHUA DHI-ITC415-PW6M-IZ-GN Access ANPR Camera is a high-performance camera intended for vehicle detection and recognition, particularly in situations like parking lots and neighborhood roads.

What are the key features of this camera?

Powerful CMOS image sensors, a deep learning system for precise license plate identification, vehicle specifics like model and color, and a variety of signal ports for attaching additional devices are among the key features.

Can the camera recognize vehicles without license plates?

Yes, this camera can accurately recognize vehicles even if they don’t have license plates.

Does the camera offer real-time data processing?

Due to its powerful CPU processor, it allows real-time data processing and provides thorough vehicle data for corporate decision-making.

What are the installation requirements for the camera?

A built-in LED light and a motorized varifocal lens simplify installation requirements and make setup simple.

Is the camera suitable for outdoor use?

Due to its integrated design and IP67 protection certification, which is suited for hard situations, the camera is appropriate for outdoor use.

Can the camera recognize vehicle details?

Yes, it can identify specifics about the car, such as the type and color, and even the characteristics of the driver and front-seat passenger.

Does the camera support video metadata and intelligent frame display?

You may view the car plate and path data thanks to the camera’s capability for intelligent frame display and video metadata.

What are the video resolutions offered by the camera?

It provides several different video resolutions, such as 4M (2688 1520), 1080p (1920 1080), and 720p (1280 720), among others.

Where can I purchase the DAHUA DHI-ITC415-PW6M-IZ-GN Access ANPR Camera?

The DAHUA DHI-ITC415-PW6M-IZ-GN Access ANPR Camera can be purchased from certified suppliers such as Stebilex Systems.

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