Paxton Entry Standard Monitor with Handset

Sales Code: 337-282

The Paxton Entry Standard Monitor with Handset is a state-of-the-art door entry system that may be used independently or in conjunction with Paxton10, PaxtonNet2 & Paxton Standalone. With its 4.3″ capacitive touch screen, it has a simple user interface for effortless operation. Easy extension using IP and PoE technologies guarantees problem-free installation and operation.

Key Features

  • Harmonious CoordinationProvides flexible access control options and integrates easily with Paxton10, Net2, or standalone systems.
  • User-Friendly InterfaceA 4.3″ capacitive touch screen that makes navigating easy and offers an intuitive interface.
  • Versatile Mounting ChoicesEasily mounted on the wall or set on a desk using the included supports, meeting a variety of mounting requirements.
  • Simple Extension
    Makes use of IP and PoE technologies to facilitate growth, guaranteeing scalability and a quick installation process.
  • Sleek Design
    With its classic and elegant look, its design fits well with any setting without sacrificing utility or flair.

Paxton brings to you the next generation of seamless door entry with the Paxton Entry Standard Monitor with Handset. It is highly versatile and may be used with Paxton10, Net2, or as a stand-alone system. Its 4.3″ capacitive touch screen makes navigating simple and guarantees a clean user interface.

To fit your needs, select a model with or without a handset. PoE and IP technologies make system expansion simple. Whether wall-mounted or positioned on a desk stand (separately available), its elegant style is adaptable to any setting.

This door entry system offers seamless integration of advanced access control and door entry capabilities with Paxton’s Net2 or Paxton10 access control. Installation is certain to be simple, as components are automatically detected during setup. Use the current network infrastructure to set up quickly and easily.

The exterior panel may be used to start video calls, and the touchscreen interface can be used to provide access. The operation is simple. Hands-free mode and private calls using the phone are supported by the internal monitor. Access is securely controlled by PIN, code, proximity token, or Bluetooth® smart credentials when Net2 or Paxton10 integration is used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between using the Paxton Entry Standard Monitor with Handset as a standalone solution versus integrating it with Paxton10 or Net2?

The Paxton Entry Standard Monitor with Handset provides door entry capability when utilised as a stand-alone unit. Its capabilities may be expanded, though, by combining it with Paxton10 or Net2, which enables smooth interaction with access control and video management functions.

Can you provide more details on how the IP and PoE technology facilitates easy expansion and installation of the system?

Using IP and PoE technologies, the Paxton Entry Standard Monitor with Handset makes system expansion and installation simple. This makes it perfect for both small and big installations since it allows you to effortlessly scale up your system without requiring complicated wiring.

Are there any specific requirements for integrating this door entry system with existing network infrastructure?

The Paxton Entry Standard Monitor with Handset is easy to integrate with your current network setup. PoE technology removes the need for a separate power supply, making setup simpler. You may use normal RJ45 terminated patch connections or Cat5 cables.

Could you elaborate on the options available for access control methods when integrating with Paxton10 or Net2? For example, how does the system manage PINs, codes, proximity tokens, and Bluetooth® smart credentials?

Several access control techniques are supported by the Paxton Entry Standard Monitor when it is linked with Paxton10 or Net2. These allow people to enter your property flexibly and include PINs, codes, proximity tokens, and Bluetooth® smart credentials.

Can the Paxton Entry Standard Monitor with Handset support multiple units in a single system, and if so, how does it handle communication between them?

Yes, several units may be supported by a single system with the Paxton Entry Standard Monitor with a Handset. There is smooth communication between the units, which guarantees effective functioning and coordination across your setup.

Are there any additional accessories or components needed for a complete installation beyond the monitor and handset?

For a full installation, no more parts or accessories are needed in addition to the monitor and handset. However, if you would want more ease in adjusting the monitor, you can choose to purchase a desk stand separately.

How does the system handle security and privacy concerns, especially regarding video calls and access control features?

Security and privacy are given top priority in the Paxton Entry Standard Monitor. It protects user privacy by enabling secure video calls and access control tools, guaranteeing that only authorised persons may enter your property.

Can the user interface be customised or configured to meet specific user preferences or branding requirements?

You may configure the Paxton Entry Standard Monitor’s user interface to fit your demands and brand requirements, making it a personalised experience.

What level of technical support or assistance is available for installation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance of the system?

For the installation, configuration, and continuous upkeep of the Paxton Entry Standard Monitor, Stebilex Systems provides extensive technical assistance. To ensure a hassle-free and seamless experience, our professionals are there to help at every stage.

Are there any compatibility considerations or limitations when integrating the Paxton Entry Standard Monitor with Handset with other access control or security systems commonly used in business environments?

The seamless integration of the Paxton Entry Standard Monitor with other security or access control systems that are often utilised in corporate settings is one of its main features. Minimal compatibility constraints and considerations enable flexible integration with your current infrastructure. Get in touch with Stebilex Systems right now to find out if it works with your configuration.

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