Key Features

  • Biometric, proximity card, barcodes and password identifications are possible
  • High-speed thermal printer mechanism
  • Equipped with a reel capacity of up to 400m (10,000+ tickets per reel)
  • Communication is enabled by TCP/IP, embedded web server, and two USB ports.
  • Touchscreen color display of 2.4″

Control iD is changing the way the Electronic Time Attendance Recorders (REPs) work with the introduction of iDClass Time Attendance Device. The device uses the advanced identification features such as biometrics for more practical and secure purposes. It is certified by Inmetro and complies with Ordinance 1.510 / 2009.

Furthermore, the interface is displayed on the touch screen panel, presenting an easy and intuitive user interface. Besides, this product’s revolutionary design, compact size and longevity indicate the brand’s commitment to innovation and robustness standards.

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Product Specification

Product Certification Certified by Inmetro – Certificate NCC 15.03813
Quantity of Employees Capacity for 15.000 registered users
Quantity of Fingerprints Capacity for 15,000 fingerprints
iDCloud Automatic sync with cloud (sold separately)
USB 1 USB 2.0 Host port (Fiscal Port) for File Data Inspection (AFD)
1 USB 2.0 Host port for importing and exporting users and AFD receipts
Ethernet 1 native 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
GPRS Optional GPRS connection module
Wi-Fi Optional Wi-Fi connection module
User Interface
LCD Touchscreen 2.4″ 320×240 Color TFT LCD Display with a Resistive Touchscreen
General Features
Overall Dimensions (W x H x D) 246 mm x 246 mm x 104 mm (including lower support)
246 mm x 230 mm x 104 mm (without support)
Power 110-220V (Bi-Volt) / 60Hz
UPS (optional) Internal UPS for up to 4h

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inmetro certification, and why is it important for the ControliD iDClass Time Attendance Device?

The Inmetro certification corresponds to the certain specifications of the quality and safety standards that were set by the Brazilian National Institute of Metrology, Quality, and Technology. It complies with the Ordinance 1.510 / 2009 and ensures the consistent performance of the iDClass Time Attendance System.

How many employees can be registered on the ControliD iDClass Time Attendance Device?

The device has a capacity for up to 15,000 registered users, accommodating the attendance tracking needs of medium to large-sized organizations.
The device is able to register up to 15,000 active users that fits even medium up to large size organizations. Such devices cater to a range of businesses with time attendance tracking requirements.

What authentication methods does the ControliD iDClass Time Attendance Device support?

The device supports a variety of authentication methods such as biometrics (fingerprints), proximity cards, barcodes, and passwords, giving users the flexibility to choose from the options while maintaining the expected security.

What communication options are available for the ControliD iDClass Time Attendance Device?

This device is designed with numerous communication options including Ethernet, GPRS and Wi-Fi modules, USB ports for data transfer, and auto synchronization with iDCloud (bought separately) to make the communication and data management simple.

What is the touchscreen display size of the ControliD iDClass Time Attendance Device?

This device has a 2.4″ color TFT LCD touchscreen display that facilitates an error-free interaction by providing a user-friendly interface.

Does the ControliD iDClass Time Attendance Device come with a power backup option?

Absolutely. The device comes with an optional UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) which is coupled to its internal battery power source that can last up to 4 hours without any disturbances during power outages.

What are the dimensions of the ControliD iDClass Time Attendance Device?

The device dimension is 246mm x 246mm x 104 mm (including the support) and 246mm x 230mm x 104mm (without support). It implies that the device is suitable for any installation environment.

Can the ControliD iDClass Time Attendance Device be integrated with cloud services?

Yes, the gadget supports automatic synchronization with iDCloud so that the data cycle becomes more efficient and can be accessed from anywhere, provided that the internet is available.

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