Key Features

  • Touchscreen display
  • Access rules customization for groups and schedules
  • Various authentication methods, including biometric, proximity card, barcodes, and password identifications
  • Equipped with an external drive with relay

iDFlex, being a versatile access controller, can cater to organizations of any capacity. With the capability to work in standalone mode, the device is equipped with sufficient internal storage to support over 6000 unique fingerprints.

Coming in handy is the 2.4″ LCD touch screen where you will use a user-friendly menu with amazingly vibrant colors for access to any of the information that you need. These external modules are not only capable of delivering scalable security features, but can also be readily integrated with the iDCloud software in the pro version.

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Product Specification

Capacity more than 200,000 users
Quantity of Fingerprints more than 6,000 fingerprints in stand alone mode
Access rules Access rules according to schedules and departments
Access Records Capacity for more than 200,000 records
Ethernet 1 native 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
USB 1 USB 2.0 Host Port
RS-485 1 native RS-485 port with a 120Ω termination
GPRS GPRS connection module (optional)
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi connection module (optional)
User Interface
LCD Touchscreen 2.4″ 320×240 Color TFT LCD Display with a Resistive Touchscreen
Integrated Web Server Complete management software for access control via browser Embedded Access Management Software
General Features
Dimensions 100mm x 95mm x 36mm (L x W x D) – Terminal

52mm x 52mm x 22mm (L x W x H) – drive module

Power External 12V source (not included)
Consumption 2.4W (200mA) nominal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum capacity of users that the iDFlex Access Controller can handle?

Due to the capability of the iDFlex Access Controller being able to provide access to more than 200,000 users, it can be used within organizations with a large number of workers or users.

How many fingerprints can the iDFlex Access Controller store when operating in standalone mode?

The iDFlex Access Controller is a video management system that, in standalone mode, can hold more than 6,000 unique fingerprints and therefore provides reliable and secure biometric authentication.

Can access rules be customized based on schedules and departments with the iDFlex Access Controller?

Indeed, the iDFlex Access Controller enables the creation of custom rules with respect to schedules and departments thereby giving the facility a human-like feature to react to specific situations.

What communication options are available for the iDFlex Access Controller?

The iDFlex Access Controller supports various communication options including Ethernet, USB, RS-485, and optional GPRS and Wi-Fi modules, facilitating communication in controlled, convenient ways.

What type of user interface does the iDFlex Access Controller feature?

The iDFlex Access Controller stands out for its user-friendly interface with a 2.4″ color TFT LCD touchscreen display, facilitating convenient operation. Subsequently, an integrated web server is provided for access control management using browsers.

What are the power requirements for the iDFlex Access Controller?

iDFlex Access Controller demands an additional power source of 12V to operate, thereby eliminating any risk of power disruptions that could prevent its proper functioning.

Can the iDFlex Access Controller be integrated with iDCloud software?

In the pro version- the iDFlex Access Controller can be connected to the iDCloud software allowing scalable safety features and seamless cloud-based access control management.

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