RIB Operator for Swing Gates – KING EVO (Irreversible operator, max 400kg gate leaf)

The RIB King EVO swing gate operators offer ease of use in a variety application including detached dwellings or apartment blocks to large company premises. KING EVO is capable of operating a 4m long gate leaf weighing 400kg and offers 150 cycles a day making it ideal for highly frequented areas.

Key Features

  • Capable of operating a 4m long gate leaf weighing 400kg
  • Silent operation
  • KING EVO 24V version with a 24V motor is suitable for intensive use

KING EVO swing gate operators offer silent operation and durability, thanks to its mechanical components that are lubricated using special synthetic grease. In addition, the Ø20mm large 4-thread endless screw connecting the gates leaf and the operator offers smooth operation and also allows the system to be fitted on bigger gates. The RIB KING EVO comes in three versions – a standard version KING EVO, KING EVO ICE with temperature sensors, and KING EVO 24V with a 24V motor that allows intensive use.

The KING EVO swing gate operator comes with an optional battery backup that offers up to 40 cycles during a black out. With a 24V motor the KING EVO is ideal for use with gates that needs heavy-duty operations and has frequent opening/closing cycles. The KING EVO has a mechanical limit switch when in open position, ensuring accurate stop when the gate is open. The operator is connected to the B2 control panel, which can be handled remotely by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi commands using specific cards APP and APP+.

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Product details

Brands RIB
AA14060 KING EVO ICE with temperature sensor
AA14090 KING EVO 24V with 24V motor for intensive use

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