PERCo TTD-03.1S Box Tripod Turnstile

The PERCO TTD-03.1S box turnstile offers effective individualisation in areas with busy pedestrian traffic. TTD-03.1 comes with in-built electronics and a remote control panel, multiple TTD-03.1Ss creates a passageway without need for additional guiding barriers when installed in one line.

Key Features

  • Comes with in-built electronics
  • 30 passages/minute
  • IP41 protection rated

The artificial stone top cover of the TTD-03.1S turnstile features radio transparency to allow concealed mounting of readers, making it an ideal choice for public business towers, metros, banks and airports. The LED indicators show when the turnstile is blocked and where passage is allowed, it also allows relay output option enabling remote light indication. It can be supplied with automatic anti-panic barrier gate for emergencies, or it can be opened when released using a mechanical release key. The TTD-03.1 features a fire alarm control input and can be automatically unlocked by a fire alarm signal or an emergency button.

TTD-03.1S features bidirectional passage, low energy consumption and comes with a five-year warranty from PERCo. You can buy PERCo’s TTD-03.1 box tripod turnstile from Stebilex Systems to avail best prices and quick delivery. Talk to our product experts today.

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