PERCo TBC-01.1 Box Tripod Turnstile (2 card readers, 1 capture reader, bidirectional passage, IP4 Rated)

The TBC-01.1 box tripod turnstiles offer secure passageway without installation of extra guide barriers and come with two readers with a Wiegand interface connection and a controller, as well as a card capture reader. The card capture reader capacity is 350 cards, and it features automatic anti-panic function in case of emergency.

Key Features

  • Allows accurate registration of staff when used for Time and Attendance
  • 30 persons per minute throughput
  • Card capture reader capacity is 350 cards

The card capture reader in the TBC-01.1 box turnstile can be integrated with most access control systems used in authenticating guest passes at the entrance or exit. The automatic anti-panic barrier arms of TBC-01.1 tripod turnstile can only be sanctioned by authorised people and operates without any human interference. The TBC-01.1 box tripod turnstile saves time and expenses of additional reader and control integration. When used as a part of an online access control system enables the capture of temporary passes as the visitors leave a facility.

The stainless steel housing of the TBC-01.1 turnstile cover features LED direction indicators that display authorized/ not authorized passage direction. The card capture container is locked and is easy to access. Multiple TBC-01.1 tripod turnstiles installed in one line make a complete passageway without additional barriers. The unit can be operated as a standalone system controlled using a remote control panel or from a wireless remote control
from an access control system (ACS) via a controller. TBC-01.1 allows accurate registration of staff when used for Time and Attendance. The turnstile stays locked until a passage is authorised or in an emergency situation. The turnstile can be unlocked by a signal from a fire alarm system. It comes with a mechanical release key for manual unlocking.

The turnstile can be installed with matching railings and offers 30 persons per minute throughput and mean time to failure after 4,000,000 passages. Stebilex Systems is a leading provider of access control solutions in the middle east. You can order PERCo’s leading turnstile solutions including TBC-01.1 at great prices for quick delivery anywhere in the region.

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