PERCo RTD-03S Waist-high Rotor Turnstile (RB-03TP guide barrier, 23 persons/minute, bidirectional passage)

The RTD-03S waist-high rotor turnstile for indoor installation comes with stylish wooden handrails that offer high performance and comfort for each passage. RTD-03S comes in 90-degree rotor configuration and electric drive for noiseless operation.

Key Features

  • Noiseless motor operation
  • Features 600mm wide passage
  • Offers 23 passages per minute

The RTD-03S turnstile comes with a remote control unit with power supply and battery power, and its electronics possess IP41 protection rating. The guided barrier set in RTD-03S has LED directional indicators to show access authorisation or locked/unlocked status of the turnstile. The RB-03TP guide barrier placed in the RTD-03S is polished stainless steel tube of O50mm, while the filler panels are made of polycarbonate sheets and the handrails have built-in LED directional indicators.

The highly durable and injury-free operation enhances RTD-03S’s safety and ensures long operational life. The turnstile offers 23 passages per minute, bidirectional passage and can be completed with matching railings. The rotor turnstile allows mechanical unblocking for free rotation in both directions. You can buy PERCo RTD-03S turnstile in the middle east from Stebilex System.

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