PERCo TTR-04.1 Tripod Turnstile (Bidirectional passage, up to 30 persons/minute, IP41)

The TTR-4.1 tripod turnstile is compact and provides effective individualisation and access control for high pedestrian traffic areas. TTR-4.1 electronic tripod turnstile is available in a range of colours to suit interiors of any facility and is an ideal solution for offices, banks, exhibition centres, museums, administrative buildings, retail outlets, railway terminals, airports, etc.

Key Features

  • Comes with built-in electronics
  • Manages 30 people per minute
  • IP41 protected and offers 5-year warranty

The turnstile comes with an in-built control unit and can be preset to operate either in pulse mode or as controlled by an access control system. It can be easily integrated with any access control system, and the function for locking or opening the turnstile can be independently set for each passage direction. The built-in optical arm rotation sensors in the TTR-4.1 ensures accurate passage registration and passage direction. The logic board of the TTR-4.1 offers a self-centring mechanism that allows automatic arm resetting to the original position after each passage.

The TTR-4.1 also enables quiet operation with a built-in hydraulic damper in case of emergency or power loss a key override allows an operator or technician to unlock the turnstile to enable passage in both directions. While the mechanical release lock is built into turnstile housing as standard and provides free rotation of the barrier arms, TTR-4.1 tripod turnstile can be integrated with dedicated fire alarm control input, which allows emergency unlocking of the device, in case the alarm goes off. The turnstile can also be configured with an intrusion detector, siren, as well as remote light indicators when access is accepted or denied. The turnstile also has options for an anti-panic folding arm system. The turnstile is also supplied with matching railings and has a five years warranty from PERCo.

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