PERCo TTD-03.2G Box Tripod Turnstile (Energy efficient, bidirectional passage, 30 persons/minute)

The TTD-03.2G box tripod turnstile offers an optimal solution for areas with heavy pedestrian traffic and comes in a brushed stainless steel housing. The TTD-03.2 tripod turnstile allows bidirectional passage, and comes with in-built electronics and LED indicators for access authorisation.

Key Features

  • Ideal for heavy pedestrian traffic areas
  • Comes with built-in electronics
  • Available with standard or anti-panic barrier arms

Ideal for high pedestrian traffic management at the entrances for commercial, public and industrial facilities, TTD-03.2G tripod turnstiles installed in one line creates a passageway area without any additional barrier installation. The TTD-03.2G can be operated via a remote control panel or a wireless remote controller or through any third-party access control system.

The turnstile top also has bright pictorial indicators LED indicators – green arrow means turnstile is unlocked or that the direction of authorised passage. A red cross means the passage is not allowed and shows that the turnstile is locked, and it remains locked until a passage is authorised. The turnstile features a fire alarm control input and integration with an emergency button. A mechanical release ock is built into the turnstile housing as standard, and it provides free rotation of barrier arms. The energy-efficient turnstile comes with a five-year warranty and a mean time to failure after 4,000,000 passages. You can order the PERCo TTD-03.2G box tripod turnstile from Stebilex Systems in the middle east.

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