PERCo TTR-10AT Motorized Tripod Turnstile (auto anti-panic functionality, built-in electronics, 30 people/minute)

Ideal for installation in the public transport systems, the TTR-10AT motorised tripod turnstile by PERCo can be easily mounted on handrails and comes with built-in electronics and control system. The TTR-10AT features automatic anti-panic barrier arms and all-weather operability.

Key Features

  • Compact design and smooth operation
  • Built-in motor and control unit
  • Weatherproof design

The TTR-110AT has an in-built motor drive for operating the tripod turn-stile, which automatically drops in case of an emergency. The compact tripod design is not only aesthetically suitable for any environment but is highly durable with mean-time to failure being 3,000,000 passages. The tripod turnstile is usually integrated with the automated fare collection systems and is used for blocking any unauthorised passage and for individualisation. The turnstile can also be mounted on a wall. The turnstile can be controlled via an access control system and through remote control or wireless remote control device. The controls are placed inside the turnstile housing, and the system features a resetting mechanism that automatically moves the barrier arms to the initial position after each pass.

The TTR-10AT offers smooth operation with the inbuilt motor drive and allows a configuration of a special Fire Alarm control input that allows connection to emergency unlock system, thus allows passage control sensor and siren to the turnstile. PERCo advises one turnstile be installed for every 500 staff working in one shift the turnstile can manage up to 30 persons per minute. You can buy PERCo’s. TTR-10AT motorised turnstile form Stebilex Systems in the middle east, we offer best prices and quick delivery through our local offices in Dubai, UAE and Doha Qatar. PERCo also offers a warranty period of five years from the date of sale of the product.

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