PERCo TB-01.1 Box Tripod Turnstile (Card capture reader, bidirectional passage, 30 people/minute)

The compact and elegant box turnstile TB-01.1 from PERCo is equipped with two built-in readers with Wiegand interface connection and anti-panic system. Multiple TB-01.1 tripod turnstiles installed in one line are ideal for creating passageways for larger facilities.

Key Features

  • Two built-in readers with Wiegand interface connection
  • Bidirectional passage
  • Remote control panel

The TB-01.1 is available with automatic anti-panic barrier drops in case of emergency without any human involvement, while the standard version can be unlocked with a mechanical release key, ensuring free rotation of barrier arms in both directions. The built-in readers also reduce additional equipment and installation cost and allow easy integration with most of the conventional access controllers or remote control systems.

The stainless steel housing of the TB-01.1 tripod turnstile offers reliability and comes with LED indicators for direction and authentication status. The green arrow indicates the direction of authorized passage, while the stop signal indicates the turnstile is locked and passage is not allowed. When controlled by an access control system, the tripod turnstile operates in either pulse control mode or preset control mode and manages up to 30 people per minute in pulse mode. The smart turnstile, TB-01.1 can be easily integrated to correct the register of personnel attendance time for Time and Attendance systems. The turnstile remains locked until a passage authorizing signal is received or in case of an emergency. The energy-efficient, TB-01.1 tripod turnstile can be mounted on a matching railing. PERCo offers a five-year warranty on TB-01.1, which is highly reliable with a mean time to failure after 4,000,000 passages.

The IP41 rated TB-01.1 box tripod turnstile comes with built-in electronics and supports reading of EMM/HID credentials. Order PERCo TB-01.1 Box Tripod Turnstile from Stebilex Systems in the Middle East, we deliver PERCo products everywhere in the region at best prices.

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