TiSO Slide Speed Gate

TiSO SLIDE Speed Gates is a cutting-edge security solution that seamlessly integrates aesthetics and function. For a variety of locations, including workplaces, banks, and hotels, these sliding gates, which come in Slide 550 and Slide 900 variants, provide reliable safety. With improved dependability and a height that prevents unauthorized access, their folding shape sets them apart.

Key Features

  • BMDrive® technology offers reliable, maintenance-free operation.
  • FoldEmLock® prevents glass leaf breakage, enhancing security.
  • AI-powered sensors detect unauthorized access, ensuring safety.
  • Stylish Slide 550 and Slide 900 options for diverse locations.
  • Configure effortlessly via OLED display or USB connector for Windows OS.

Introducing the TiSO SLIDE Speed Gates, a cutting-edge and fashionable security system built to efficiently secure your area. These state-of-the-art sliding speed gates are ideal for a number of settings, including commercial buildings, banks, and hotels. Their distinctive folding gate mechanism, which has a strong and dependable design unmatched by other speed gates on the market, is what makes them stand out.

The remarkable BMDrive® mechanism of the TiSO SLIDE Speed Gates, which is driven by a powerful BLDC gear motor, is one of its prominent features. This guarantees sustained, trouble-free operation. Due to the FoldEmLock® locking technology, which guards against vandalism, safety is given first attention.

These gates are intelligent in addition to being secure. A built-in OLED display makes the setup and programming of the BMDrive® mechanism controller simple, negating the need for specialized programmers. Using service software for Windows OS, all configuration and diagnostics are accessible through a USB port.

Digital force and leaf speed control, in addition to cutting-edge safety sensors, ensure maximum safety by preventing any unintentional contact with the moving gate—even during unauthorized entry attempts. The TiSO SLIDE Speed Gates may also identify and sound an alert in circumstances like two individuals attempting to pass with a single card, inappropriate passage direction, or unauthorized entry owing to artificial intelligence algorithms and high-precision infrared passage sensors.

There are two types of these spectacular gates: the Slide 550 and the Slide 900. Given its 1500x1432x856/1206mm dimensions, 550mm passage width, and 0.7 open/close speed, the Slide 550 is the perfect option for a variety of scenarios. The Slide 900, on the other hand, has identical dimensions but a wider 900mm path and a faster open/close speed of 1, making it more suitable for locations with heavy traffic.

Both versions provide several housing alternatives, such as brushed and polished stainless steel variations and powder-coated finishes in RAL colors. Both an AC supply (100-240V, 50/60Hz) and a 12V DC source are acceptable sources of power for them.

DotLights®, RFIDLights®, EdgeLights®, and FloorLights®, which ensure unambiguous communication and assistance for users, are included in these gates’ indication and emergency features. They automatically open the gates and permit unrestricted access and escape in emergency scenarios.

For a safe, clever, and fashionable access control system, choose TiSO SLIDE Speed Gates. You may get this outstanding solution for your security requirements from Stebilex Systems, the top supplier in the UAE, Egypt, and Qatar.

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Brands Tiso
Product Code/Part Number: Slide 500 and Slide 900

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of TiSO SLIDE 550 and 900 Speed Gates?

The TiSO SLIDE 550 and 900 Speed Gates offer exceptional security solutions with features like BMDrive® technology for reliability, FoldEmLock® for enhanced security, and AI-powered sensors for safety.

How do TiSO SLIDE Speed Gates enhance security in commercial settings?

TiSO SLIDE Speed Gates elevate security in commercial settings by combining aesthetics and function. With BMDrive® technology, FoldEmLock®, and AI-powered sensors, they ensure reliable and safe access control.

What is BMDrive® technology, and how does it benefit the TiSO SLIDE series?

BMDrive® technology in TiSO SLIDE gates guarantees reliable, maintenance-free operation, while FoldEmLock® enhances security. These innovations make the TiSO SLIDE series stand out.

What sets TiSO SLIDE Speed Gates apart from other security gates?

TiSO SLIDE Speed Gates distinguish themselves from other security gates with their folding design, BMDrive® technology, FoldEmLock® security, and AI-powered sensors for improved safety.

How do AI-powered sensors in TiSO SLIDE gates improve safety?

AI-powered sensors in TiSO SLIDE gates enhance safety by preventing unauthorized access and identifying unusual activities, thanks to advanced technology and precision sensors.

What are the housing options available for TiSO SLIDE 550 and 900?

TiSO SLIDE 550 and 900 offer housing options in brushed and polished stainless steel or powder-coated finishes, ensuring they blend seamlessly into various settings.

How easy is it to set up and configure TiSO SLIDE Speed Gates?

Setting up and configuring TiSO SLIDE Speed Gates is effortless, with an OLED display and USB connector for Windows OS, eliminating the need for specialized programmers.

What are the dimensions and open/close speeds for the Slide 550 and Slide 900 variants?

TiSO SLIDE 550 has dimensions of 1500x1432x856/1206mm, a 550mm passage width, and 0.7 open/close speed, while the Slide 900 offers a wider 900mm path and faster 1 open/close speed with the same dimensions.

How does TiSO's FoldEmLock® technology enhance the security of the SLIDE series?

TiSO’s FoldEmLock® technology enhances SLIDE series security by preventing glass leaf breakage and ensuring robust protection against vandalism.

Where can I buy TiSO SLIDE Speed Gates in the UAE, Egypt, and Qatar?

TiSO SLIDE Speed Gates are available in the UAE, Egypt, and Qatar through Stebilex Systems, a leading supplier of smart and stylish access control solutions.

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