PAS 68 Terra Saturn Bollard 7.5t @ 50mph by Frontier Pitts

The PAS 68 Terra Saturn Bollard 7.5t @ 50mph, designed by Frontier Pitts, is the best protection against terrorism. It provides strong protection, stopping a 7.5-ton truck at 50 mph and adhering to strict safety regulations. It has a stainless steel shell and an optional powder coating.

Key Features

  • Exceptionally Robust Structure
    Constructed from structural steel plate S355, guaranteeing resistance to shocks and difficulties.
  • Dependable Hydraulic Drive
    Robust performance is guaranteed for seamless operation and maintenance with an industrial hydraulic pump unit.
  • Flexibility in Integration
    Enhanced flexibility and security management through compatibility with several access control systems.
  • Rapid Response
    Fast operation, with a 6–10 second latency, ensures effective traffic control.
  • Certified Security
    Supported by BRE Global and Secured by Design, this product satisfies strict safety requirements for peace of mind.

The PAS 68 Terra Saturn Bollard, 7.5t @ 50mph, by Frontier Pitts is designed to counter terrorist threats. It passed the demanding PAS 68 impact testing, resiliently stopping a 7.5-ton car at 50 mph. Its sturdy S355 steel architecture, enhanced by a polyester powder-coated finish or stainless steel cladding, provides a lift height of 900mm.

Installation and maintenance are made easier by the industrial hydraulic pump drive unit that is equipped. A traffic light system and safety elements like vehicle detector loops and LED traffic light heads are standard, and access control systems interface with them without any issues. With an Emergency Fast Operation speed of up to three seconds, operational speeds vary from six to ten seconds.

For post-impact functioning, every bollard has a manual hydraulic power unit. It maintains strict safety standards and is accredited by BRE Global and Secured by Design. The Terra Saturn Bollard offers maximum performance and constant protection against security concerns thanks to its sturdy construction and 100% duty cycle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between the PAS 68 Terra Saturn Bollard and other similar products in terms of security features and construction materials?

The PAS 68 Terra Saturn Bollard stands out due to its stainless steel cladding and optional powder coating, which provide longevity and visual appeal. Its hydraulic driving technology, which is coupled with an industrial pump unit, distinguishes it from comparable goods by ensuring dependability and making maintenance easier.

Can you provide more details about the hydraulic drive system? How does it contribute to the bollard's reliability and ease of maintenance?

With its hydraulic drive system, the Terra Saturn Bollard guarantees low maintenance needs and flawless performance. Its versatility is increased by its seamless integration with a range of access control systems, which is designed to be simple to install. Reliable security solutions are ensured by this inventive technology and its sturdy structure.

How adaptable is the Terra Saturn Bollard to different access control systems? Are there any specific compatibility requirements we should consider?

With its exceptional flexibility to accommodate various access control systems, the Terra Saturn Bollard guarantees compatibility and ease of integration. It is the perfect option for complete security solutions in a variety of settings since it is compatible with several access control techniques and takes individual needs into account to ensure flawless performance.

Could you elaborate on the operational speeds mentioned? How do they impact traffic flow management in different scenarios?

The Terra Saturn Bollard’s operational speed, which span from 6 to 10 seconds, together with an Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) speed of up to 3 seconds, provide effective regulation of traffic flow. The aforementioned speeds are modifiable based on particular needs, guaranteeing peak performance under diverse conditions.

Can you explain how the bollard's manual hydraulic power unit works? In what situations would it be utilised?

The hand pump, release valve, and reservoir are all part of the manual hydraulic power unit of the Terra Saturn Bollard, which is housed within the bollard enclosure. In the event that hydraulic power is not available, this mechanism enables manual operation, guaranteeing ongoing security even in the event of crises or power outages.

What specific safety measures are included with the bollard, such as the Traffic Light System and Vehicle Detector Loops? How do they enhance overall security?

The Terra Saturn Bollard improves total security measures with its safety features, which include LED traffic light system and vehicle detector loops. These parts support security standards and provide safe and effective traffic management by offering real-time monitoring and control.

Could you provide more information about the accreditation process by Secured by Design and BRE Global? What standards does the bollard meet to achieve these endorsements?

The Terra Saturn Bollard’s commitment to strict security standards is demonstrated by the accreditation procedure conducted by Secured by Design and BRE Global. Its ability to meet these endorsements is a testament to its exceptional quality and dependability, providing peace of mind in terms of security efficacy and performance.

How does the Terra Saturn Bollard ensure continuous protection against security threats, particularly in high-traffic areas or during prolonged use?

The Terra Saturn Bollard guarantees ongoing defence against security risks in locations with heavy traffic or during extended usage. Long-term performance and security integrity are preserved by its sturdy design and long-lasting materials, which survive frequent use.

Where can I buy PAS 68 Terra Saturn Bollard 7.5t @ 50 mph ?

The PAS 68 Terra Saturn Bollard 7.5t @ 50 mph is available from Stebilex Systems, a reputable vendor. Reputable for providing excellent security solutions, Stebilex Systems guarantees a smooth procurement process for your security requirements with unmatched knowledge and assistance.

What kind of customisation options are available for integrating the bollard into existing security systems or infrastructure?

The Terra Saturn Bollard provides adaptable alternatives for a smooth transition into pre-existing infrastructure or security systems. Tailored solutions provide optimal functioning and successfully complement current security measures, ranging from access control interfaces to aesthetically pleasing finishes.

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