Frontier Pitts 200mm SHALLOW TERRA JUPITER BOLLARD 50mph

(SIRA Approved Bollards)

Key Features

  • Foundation depth required is only 200mm.
  • Can be easily installed.
  • Minimum concrete requirement for installation, making it more environment-friendly.
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The IWA 14 Shallow Terra Jupiter Bollard from Frontier Pitts is a counter-terrorist product which has undergone rigorous impact tests to ensure that it is capable of stopping a 7.2-ton vehicle traveling at 50 mph.

With the help of cutting-edge technology, the Bollard requires only a shallow foundation depth of 200mm. The bollard system presents an opportunity to enhance the capability of the physical security as the bollards will be able to provide a maximum level of defense to high speed vehicles, especially in areas where there is a constraint for foundation depth.

In the urban environments, city centers, airports, and skyscrapers, where there is a limitation to install bollards that require standard depth of foundation, the shallow Terra Jupiter Bollards help. Here, the foundation is very shallow due to the fact that underground services include utilities, car parks, basements, and other things which make it impossible to install the standard depth equipment.

However, it is important to note that as per the IWA 141 guidelines, static & rising bollards have to be installed with a space of 1200mm between bollard faces which should be enough to conform to safety requirements and regulations.

Product Specifications

Security Class IWA 14-1 7.2t @ 50mph
Height above Ground 1000mm
Diameter 273 mm
Foundation Depth 200mm
Finish Available as standard paint-coated; decorative sleeves match with the Rising Terra Universal Bollard & Static Terra Jupiter Bollard.
Optional finish Stainless Steel Satin finish; bead blasted sleeves available with dome or mitre tops.

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