FAAC FHE Sliding entrance for sterile environment (FHE-SSA, FHE-SSM, FHE-SHA, FHE-SHM)

The FHE sliding entrances to sterile environments from FAAC are suitable for installation in the hospitals, laboratories and other bacterial contamination controlled environments. The FHE Sliding door is designed in accordance with the European Regulation EN16005.

Key Features

  • Designed for hospital and bacterial contamination controlled environments
  • The FHE doors are airtight and soundproofed
  • Innovative “Energy Saving” automation device

The FHE Sliding door leaf slides horizontally and vertically by means of a beam profile. With the automatic doors for sterile environments, FAAC technology also helps to save lives. The sliding door comes with hermetically sealing. The FHE door leaf becomes hermetically sealed against the edge profile of the door opening during the final closing stage by a combined sliding, vertical and inward movement.

FHE sliding door variants include – FHE-SSA Airtight automatic sliding door (105141), FHE-SSM Airtight manual sliding door (105142), FHE-SHA Airtight automatic sliding door (105143), and FHE-SHM Airtight manual sliding door (105144). The FHE door uses the 950N automation system, which enables it to open/close in absolute silence. You can buy FAAC FHE doors from Stebilex Systems in the Middle East, to avail pre-sales product consultation, better prices and quick shipping. Talk to our product experts today.

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Product details

FHE-SSAAirtight automatic sliding door – 105141
FHE-SSMAirtight manual sliding door – 105142
FHE-SHAAirtight automatic sliding door – 105143
FHE-SHMAirtight manual sliding door – 105144

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