Jieshun Automatic Pay Station JSPJ1193-INT

Easier Payment for a Better Parking Experience


Jieshun Automatic Pay Station JSPJ1193-INT offers a hassle-free solution for parking fee payments and also plays a crucial role in enabling unmanned parking lots. 




Technologically Advanced and Tough Design


Varied Payment Alternatives for Added Convenience


Robust Security Measures for Enhanced Protection


Effortless Remote Upgrades for Uninterrupted Performance

What is Jieshun Automatic Pay Station JSPJ1193-INT?

The JSPJ1193 automated payment station operates on the Linux OS, delivering consistent and impressive performance. It not only offers a hassle-free solution for parking fee payments but also plays a crucial role in enabling unmanned parking lots. Moreover, the station features additional functionalities such as car search and monthly card management, providing users with a more personalized experience. JSPJ1193 accepts diverse payment modes, and the presence of surveillance cameras during the payment process ensures secure operations.

Distinctive Traits

The product’s primary structure consists of top-notch metal panels and plexiglass, resulting in a robust and long-lasting design. The black and silver colour combination further enhances its overall visual appeal. The operating panel incorporates a 17-inch LCD capacitive touch screen, allowing for effortless video intercom and parking services. Moreover, users are guided through voice prompts, creating a more engaging and interactive experience.

The product not only facilitates payment processing but also comes equipped with a video-based parking guidance system, allowing users to locate their parked cars using their license plate number, parking space number, or entry time. In the event of an operational issue, users can seek assistance via the video intercom function, and the customer service representatives will provide step-by-step guidance to resolve the problem.

The product incorporates a high-definition camera that automatically captures and saves images whenever a user operates the machine, and these images can be viewed through the management system. To maximize security, the product features multi-layer independent safety locks and a secure product structure. Cabinets, ticket boxes, and cash boxes are equipped with mechanical or digital locks to provide additional protection. The system records all operations, including opening the door, removing or placing the ticket box, and any unusual activities that trigger an alarm.

The management centre conducts periodic checks on the software environment and version and performs necessary updates and maintenance within the timeframe specified by the customer, guaranteeing the system’s dependability.

The product comes equipped with its own advertising push function, enabling parking lot operators to generate additional traffic and revenue through advertising.



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