Jieshun Parking Lock JSPJ11111

Protect your parking space from illegal parkers


Protect your parking space from illegal parkers



Parking lock-33


Remote Control for Extended Distances


Two-way Anti-collision


Light & Rustproof Design


Automatic Alert for Low Battery

What are Jieshun Parking Locks JSPJ11111?

Parking locks are extensively employed in different types of parking lots such as on-street or off-street parking management, positioning in smart communities, and smart shopping centres. These locks, which are installed on the ground, can accomplish various essential features like two-way anti-collision, intelligent rising/falling, and waterproof and dustproof functions. These features are designed to prevent the illegal use of parking spaces.

Distinctive Traits

Resistance up to 3 tons.

180°anti-collision with a built-in alarm system.

Automatic alarming for unauthorized operation or exterior force trying to put the arm down.

Waterproof, dustproof, high/low-temperature resistant design

The parkinglock works with no sound emissions hence, suitable for calm environments


Jieshun Parking Lock JSPJ11111

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