Jieshun EII Ticketless Parking Controller JSKT6042-INT

Specifically Designed for Unattended Parking Lots


EII serves as a proficient controller for parking lots that do not require tickets and operate without any personnel.





Enhanced Hardware Platform for Improved Performance


Expanded Scalability for Accessing Multiple Devices


Efficient Remote Debugging and Maintenance Solutions


Cutting-edge License Plate Recognition Technology

What is Jieshun EII Ticketless Parking Controller JSKT6042-INT?

EII serves as a proficient controller for parking lots that do not require tickets and operate without any personnel. This product is specifically designed for unattended parking solutions and must be used with a high-definition camera. It supports various unattended applications such as electronic payment, license plate recognition, and video intercom. The product incorporates a license plate recognition algorithm developed by itself using AI technology, which ensures a recognition accuracy rate of up to 99%. Furthermore, it can be linked to the management platform, enabling remote maintenance and control.

Distinctive Traits

The product features a cut-edge design and a geometric structure, with an elegant appearance achieved through the use of silver and black hues. The body is constructed from high-strength carbon steel and features a front panel made from a single piece of tempered glass, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and adding to the product’s overall high-grade aesthetic.

The product utilizes an industrial-grade hardware platform with four cores that are high-end in terms of performance. This platform also includes a self-developed license plate recognition algorithm and a specialized image processing unit, providing the product with robust capabilities for processing applications and conducting deep learning for license plate recognition.

By utilizing JIESHUN’s independently developed deep learning license plate recognition algorithm, the accuracy rate for license plate recognition can exceed 99%. The product’s image processing unit works in tandem with intelligent exposure compensation technology, allowing for the capture of optimal images in challenging lighting environments like strong light, weak light, and backlighting, facilitating the successful identification of license plates.

The product achieves a license plate capture rate of 99.99% by capturing dual license plate signals through video streaming and a loop detector/radar. Additionally, it supports dual-channel camera collaborative identification, enabling it to accommodate complex scenarios involving mixed traffic of cars and motorcycles.

The controller has the capability to connect with a range of devices including a video intercom terminal, auxiliary identification camera, information display screen, and environmental monitoring camera, enabling it to support additional parking lots applications such as audio and video intercom, real-time monitoring, fast payment, emergency handling, and other functions. Compared to conventional parking management systems, this solution offers higher management efficiency, lower costs, and a broader range of applications.

The parking lot equipment is capable of being linked to the operation and maintenance platform, providing real-time notifications of any abnormal events and allowing for quick and easy monitoring of equipment status. The product also supports remote upgrades, parameter configuration, log acquisition, remote monitoring, and other management functions, which can promptly resolve any issues, resulting in more efficient operation and maintenance services.

Smart parking solutions have made unattended parking possible, allowing for the use of license plate recognition as a means of entrance and exit verification. Car owners can make use of electronic payment or credit card payment methods. Furthermore, management personnel can monitor and maintain the system around the clock via the management platform. This new parking management system significantly reduces costs and improves management efficiency.



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