Jieshun Automatic Pay Station Cashless JSPJ1194

Easier Payment for a Better Parking Experience


Jieshun Automatic Pay Station JSPJ1194 provides a user-friendly platform for paying parking fees and also plays a crucial role in enabling unattended parking lots.




Security Measures to Ensure Safe Operations


Multiple Payment Options for Your Convenience


Multi-Functional Machine for Diverse Applications


Advanced Technology Meets Durable Design

What is Jieshun Automatic Pay Station Cashless JSPJ1194

The JSPJ1194 automatic payment station operates on the Linux system, offering exceptional stability and performance. It not only provides a user-friendly platform for paying parking fees but also plays a crucial role in enabling unattended parking lots. Additionally, it provides convenient services such as car search and monthly card management, enhancing the user experience. JSPJ1194 supports various payment methods and includes surveillance cameras throughout the payment process to ensure secure transactions.

Distinctive Traits

The product’s robust and durable design is achieved through the use of high-quality metal panels and plexiglass. The black and silver colour combination enhances the product’s visual appeal. Additionally, the 18.5-inch LCD capacitive touch screen in the operation window enables easy access to parking services and video intercom. The user experience is further enhanced through voice prompts during operation, making it more interactive.

Several payment options are available with the standard version, including cash, mobile payment, and debit/credit cards. Customised services are also available based on different usage scenarios. The billing system can also include coupons and electronic invoices, which provide users with more personalized services.

The product cannot only process payments but also features a video parking guidance system that supports car searches by license plate number, parking space number, or entry time. In case of any issues during the operation, users can use the video intercom function to seek assistance, and the customer service staff at the centre will guide them through each step patiently.

The parking system is equipped with a high-definition camera that captures and saves photos of users as they operate the machine. The product has multiple independent safety locks and a secure structure. The cabinets, ticket boxes, and cash boxes have digital or mechanical locks for maximum security. The system also records all operations, including opening the door, taking out the ticket box, placing the ticket box, and any unusual activities that trigger an alarm.

The management centre performs regular checks on the software environment and version and ensures timely updates and maintenance as per the customer’s specified timeline. This helps in ensuring the system’s reliability.



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