When you are shortlisting gate barrier solutions for your projects, you need to know the brands that are available to choose from. Here are some of the top gate barrier system brands present in the GCC & Africa market.

faac and magnetic gate barriers


Our best picks: FAAC B680H, FAAC B614

One of the leading global brands for physical security equipment and gate automation, FAAC manufactures gate barriers that are simplest and reliable for handling vehicle passages in different environments. Be it public condominiums, company premises, industrial areas, car parks, or highway toll gates, FAAC has everything. FAAC automatic barriers come in two parts – the barrier body and a beam.

The barrier body and consists of automation and control electronics. FAAC gate barriers’ hydraulic technology guarantees very high performance in terms of speed, reliability and durability. The boom barriers from FAAC offer variable length to secure passages with 2m-8m width.

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Magnetic Autocontrol

Our best picks: Magnetic Access, Magnetic Access Pro

Magnetic Autocontrol is a leading pedestrian and vehicle access control solution provider for both residential and commercial use. The company’s barrier gate products come with dedicated MHTM drive technology designed by Magnetic. Magnetic is known for its well-thought-out product designs, innovative drive technologies, and long-lasting reliability.

Magnetic produces bespoke solutions that are compliant with technical and legal regulations in the physical security sector. Magnetic’s solutions range from barrier gates, car and truck terminals, and pedestrian gates for access control, fare collection and boarding process. A part of FAAC Group from 2012, and was first established in Basel in the year 1946.

magnetic access barriers

The Italian brand, Nice gate barrier to control vehicle access at a variety of facilities including car parks, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, exhibition centers, amusement parks, airports, and railway stations, as well as all other types of small or large public facilities.

A specialised brand for vehicle access and parking space solutions like Swing Gates, Sliding Gates, Garage Doors, Road Barriers, Sun Awnings, Blinds, Shutters, Alarm Systems, and Control Systems. The barrier gate solutions from Nice offer simple integration with the most advanced access systems and focuses on offering complete automation.

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Headquartered in North Riding, South Africa, Centurion is a renowned brand popular for manufacturing world-class gate barriers, accessories, and access control systems. It supplies superior products in GCC & Africa from different branches in South Africa, West Africa, and Australia.

System designers prefer Centurion for residential, commercial, and industrial applications and prefer the brand because it offers better build-quality, innovative design, and remarkable manufacturing capability. Plus, it has an impressive presence and network of competent installers & distributors all over the world.

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CAME is a leading brand in the physical security sector, offering a range of automation solutions for gates, road barriers, industrial doors, automatic doors, and access control. Over the past six decades, CAME has been supplying the home & building automation solutions for securing residential, public and urban spaces.

The solutions provided by the company include Gate Automation Garage door and Road Barriers, Gate and door intercom systems, Turnstiles, Automatic Doors and Access Control Systems, Parking Systems, Sensitive Area Protection, Blinds and awnings automation, Burglar alarms, and Smart home and thermoregulation.

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BFT is a brand focused on automatic barriers and access control for building and facility grounds. The company provides automation swing/sliding gates, barrier gates, garage doors, pedestrian entries, bollards, as well as technology solutions like sensors, remote controls, power supply systems including solar systems, and other accessories for entry automation.

Boom barriers offered by BFT cover passage widths between 2-6m in residential locations and traffic/car park management, and up to 8 metres for industrial installations. Most barrier operators by BFT come with integrated control units and a wide range of accessories, making them ideal in any context.

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Based in Tönning, ELKA-Torantriebe GmbH produces an extensive product range with slide gate openers, swing gate openers and barriers. Elka designs durable, high-quality and easy operation barriers and gates.

Elka has 1,000 sqm dedicated test area for extensive check for quality, safety and reliability. Elka’s product ranges include barrier systems, manual barriers, slide gate openers, swing gate openers, bollard systems, control software, and barrier pillars and housings.

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Automatic Systems

With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing rising barrier, Automatic Systems offer a wide range of vehicle access control equipment including gate barriers, rising bollards and road blockers.

Automatic Systems manufactures all types of boom barriers suitable any facility, be it toll roads, parking areas, access to bridges, tunnels, level crossings, or the closing and entry control of private or industrial sites. The company designs turnstiles, security gates, long-range barriers, as well as high-security barriers like road blockers, tyre-killers and bollards.

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