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Systematic management of car parks, pedestrians and visitors depends on the right physical access equipment, be it bollards, gate barriers, turnstile, speed gate, and swing gate we bring you products from global pioneers.

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Our Physical access control solutions come from world-leading manufacturers to offer durable solutions that enhance urban traffic management and fortify building security. Our array of strong speed-gates and bollards not just improve the safety of your building, plant, facility, or campus, they also streamline vehicle traffic and people movement. Our turnstile models provide better passage control of pedestrians at the entry and exits and can be easily integrated into modern intuitive and automatic access control systems.

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Featured Products

Buy Automatic Barrier FAAC B680H - Car Parking Barriers


FAAC’s Automatic barriers are among the most trusted solutions in handling passages and spaces in public areas be it a business premise, car parks, or roads and enclosures needing approved entry. The automatic system consists of an automated electronic control and the beam. Designed for intensive use, offering around 2 million cycles with no maintenance the B680H is suitable for all weather conditions. It guarantees very high performance in terms of speed, reliability and durability.

J355 M50 bollard Series

The Automatic bollard, FAAC J355HA-M50 is designed and tested for the protection of sensitive areas such as airports, embassies, consulates, banks, ports. It has been tested for advanced impact-resistant that has been certified N3 7.500-80 and is capable of stopping a 7,500 kg lorry travelling at 80Km/h. The bollard has been certified in accordance with ASTM F 2656-07 Standard. It features a built-in hydraulic drive unit and LED lights. Specifically designed for protection of sensitive areas, it aesthetically complements other retractable bollards, and is perfect for mixed installations.

Automatic Traffic Bollard - FAAC J355 M50
Buy FAAC Minitime Keypad


The FAAC RESIST SA is an access control system that archives codes or cards and command the opening of a doorway, control the status (open-closed), activate an alarm in the case of an unauthorized opening. The system is completely autonomous and consists of a CPU board and keypad board with the buttons that offer both passive reading and passive proximity reader.

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