ViRDI Accessories: EB 030 Non-Contact Exit Button, Enclosures & Portable Units

ViRDI’s EB-030 is a no-touch exit sensor, which poses no hygiene issues. The unit does not require a lot of retrofitting and is easy to install. The EB-030 is compact and elegant conforming with elegant interiors of facilities. EB-030 offers 100mm range and LED sound feedback.

Key Features

  • EB 030 is a no-touch exit sensor button
  • EB 030 works with CP-040 four door controller
  • EB 030 is highly accurate


The EB-030 exit request sensor is highly accurate, and the slimline unit is sleeker in looks as compared to a conventional Push-to-Exit button. The unit communicates via NO/NC dry contact with the CP-040 four-door controller, ViRDI terminals, ACC420 Secure Relay, BLC-015 single door controller.

ViRDI provides enclosures for terminals and to protect the screen from damage and provide shadow for exterior installations. It also offers Portable units PV200H and PV200V for mobile terminals.

With EB-030 proximity exit sensor you can just wave your way out of a facility. You can order ViRDi’s biometric and access control terminals and accessories including EB030 from Stebilex Systems in the Middle East.

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