Access & Time Management

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  • ViRDI UBio -X Face Contactless Face Recognition System

  • ViRDI UBio-X Pro2 Contactless Facial Recognition & Fever Screening System

  • ViRDI Accessories: EB 030 Non-Contact Exit Button, Enclosures & Portable Units

  • ViRDI NScan-SH Single/Flat USB Fingerprint Scanner (256GB memory, live and fake finger detection, high-performance sensor)

  • ViRDI FOH04 Fingerprint Scanner (Flat finger and card reader, Live and Fake finger detection, USB scanner)

  • ViRDI FOH02 USB Fingerprint and Multi-card Scanner (Live & Fake Finger Detection, Enhanced data processing speed)

  • ViRDI VS-R20D Dummy Card Reader (Designed for MCP040 , auto sensing, dual-frequency reader)

  • ViRDI AC-1100 Multi-smartcard Recognition Terminal (Bluetooth enabled, 200,000 users, touchscreen)

  • ViRDI AC-2000 Outdoor Fingerprint recognition Terminal (IP65 Dust & Waterproof, Bluetooth enabled, mobile and card reading)

  • ViRDI AC-2100 PLUS Outdoor Fingerprint Recognition Terminal (IP65 Dust & Waterproof, 10,000 users, live & fake finger detection)

  • ViRDI AC-2200 Premium Outdoor Fingerprint Recognition Terminal (IP65 Dust & Waterproof, Bluetooth, smartphone credential support)

  • ViRDI AC-5000 PLUS IK Vandal Proof Fingerprint Recognition Terminal (Outdoor application, multi-card support, IK09 rated)