Arma Kontrol Small Road Blocker

Road blockers are used in government building premises, embassies, military facilities, oil refineries, airports etc. where controlled and safe vehicle entry and exit are required. The outer case of the system is made in such a way that it is resistant to hits by attacking or unauthorised vehicles. The rising bollard and other safety systems are integrated to the small road blocker system. This ensures vehicle safety and paves way for the secure entrance of the vehicles.

Key Features

  • The hydraulic operating system makes the Arma Kontrol’s road blocker to function even in the high-density places
  • Security support is given by a loop sensor

Length of the product is 500-700 mm. The moving part is powder coated and is made of ST37 quality sheet. The operating speed is between 4 seconds and 6 seconds and the control panel is an A-GA board. The operating voltage is 220/380 V (AC). Operating temperature is -25 degree Celsius and +50 degree Celsius.

The product can be connected to any kind of access control system such as license plate recognition, card reader etc. Options like manual lifting using a hand pump, PLC control panel, flasher/traffic lamp as warning equipment are available.

The product owns Turkish Goods Certificate and CE certificate. ISO and OHSAS quality certificates are also there for the small road blocker from Arma Kontrol.

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