TiSO is a leading manufacturer of high-quality security systems, including road blockers, bollards, and gates. Road blockers are a crucial component of any security system designed to protect against vehicular attacks, and TiSO’s range of road blockers is among the best on the market.


Road blockers are designed to provide a high level of physical security against unauthorized access to a property, typically by vehicles. They consist of a heavy-duty metal barrier that can be raised or lowered to allow or block access to a specific area. The TiSO range of road blockers includes robust models, designed to meet different security requirements.

Distinctive Traits


The Design

One of the key features of the TiSO range of road blockers is their modular design. This allows the blockers to be customized to suit the specific needs of a site, whether that means integrating with existing security systems, providing additional safety features, or optimizing for ease of use.


The Integration

For example, TiSO road blockers can be fitted with safety features such as flashing lights, audible alarms, and safety barriers to prevent accidental collisions. They can also be integrated with access control systems such as key card readers or biometric scanners, providing an additional layer of security.


The Aesthetics

In addition to their physical security benefits, TiSO road blockers are also designed to be aesthetically pleasing. They can be finished in a range of colours and styles to blend in with the surrounding architecture, ensuring that they do not detract from the visual appeal of a site.


TiSO Range of Road Blockers

Here are the different types of TiSO road blocker products and their features.

TiSO M30 (K4) High-security Road Blocker

Introducing the TiSO M30 (K4) High-Security Road Blocker, offering top-tier protection against unauthorized vehicle intrusion.


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Certified Security

Complies with ASTM F2656-07, M30, P1 (-2.1m), offering superior anti-vehicle intrusion defense.



Successfully passed stringent crash tests, attesting to its robustness against vehicular impact.


Seamless Installation

Designed for ease, minimizes civil work, reducing disruption during setup.


Reliability Unparalleled

Ensures consistent, dependable performance even in high-stress scenarios.


Enhanced Functionality

Offers comprehensive control over vehicle access, making it an optimal choice for safeguarding facilities.

TiSO M40 (K8) High-Security Road Blockers

Introducing TiSO M40 High-Security Road Blockers – premier vehicle defense against ramming. Certified protection, easy installation, low maintenance, versatile fitting, optimal performance.
TiSO M40 (K8) High-Security Road Blockers

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Anti-Ramming Defense

TiSO M40 Road Blockers offer unparalleled vehicle anti-ramming protection, thwarting unauthorized access attempts effectively.


Certified Crash-Tested Design

Successfully passing stringent crash tests, certified by ASTM F2656-07.


Easy Maintenance

Simple installation, user-friendly upkeep, and long-lasting performance, ensuring dependable operation during high-intensity scenarios.


Ideal for Critical Sites

Perfect for safeguarding commercial venues, financial institutions, airports, military bases, and more, providing multifunctional high-security solutions.

TiSO M50 (K12) High-security Road Blocker

Introducing TiSO High-Security Road Blockers, robustly designed to resist high-speed vehicle impact, certified for superior defense.

TiSO M50 (K12) High-security Road Blocker

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Robust Protection

Successfully tested against large vehicles at high speeds, meeting ASTM F2656-07 standards.


Effortless Installation

Designed by experienced engineers for easy setup, ensuring dependable, long-lasting security.


Multifunctional Design

Versatile wedge barrier, adaptable for various driveway widths, spanning 2-4 meters.


Comprehensive Testing

Rigorous assessments ensure top-tier performance during high-pressure operations.


Customizable Solutions

Option to select alternative modules to accommodate different road dimensions, enhancing adaptability.

TiSO Ultra Shallow Road Blockers 48kph

Introducing the innovative ultra-shallow road blocker, a robust solution safeguarding critical zones.

TiSO Ultra Shallow Road Blockers 48kph

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Capable of halting a 7500 lb truck at 48 kph, passing BSI PAS 68:2013 and IWA 14-1:2013 tests.


Sensitive Area Defense

Ensures security for highly sensitive items with optimal effectiveness.


Anti-Ramming Power

Offers advanced anti-ram capabilities, enhancing protective measures.


Minimalistic Design

Boasts a mere 200 mm installation depth, seamlessly blending into the surroundings.


Swift Setup

The original design combines rapid installation with primary anti-ram functionality, ensuring ease.

TiSO Ultra Shallow Road Blockers 64kph

Introducing the cutting-edge ultra shallow road blockers, certified under PAS68/IWA14-1 standards, adept at securing perimeters.

TiSO Ultra Shallow Road Blockers 64kph

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Impenetrable Safeguard

These road blockers effectively shield high-security zones, capable of stopping a 7,500 kg vehicle at 64 kph.


Stringent Standards Compliant

Meeting the stringent criteria of BSI PAS 68:2013 and IWA 14-1:2013, their performance is certified and proven.


Ultra Shallow Installation

With a remarkably low profile of only 200 mm, they fit seamlessly into various environments without compromising security.


Anti-Ramming Technology

Apart from their defensive capabilities, they incorporate anti-ram features, enhancing their protective functions.


Innovative Design

Their original design not only prioritizes security but also facilitates quick and convenient installation, ensuring comprehensive defense.

TiSO Ultra Shallow Road Blockers 80kph

Introducing the top of the line ultra shallow road blocker, certified under PAS68/IWA14-1 standards, capable of halting a 7,500 kg truck at 80 kph

TiSO Ultra Shallow Road Blockers 80kph

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Robust Security

Successfully passes BSI PAS 68:2013 and IWA 14-1:2013 tests, ensuring high-level protection.


Sensitive Area Safeguarding

Ideal for securing highly sensitive zones with its superior performance.


Low Profile Design

Standing at 950 mm and with a mere 200 mm mounting depth, it maintains an unobtrusive appearance.


Effortless Installation

The innovative design facilitates quick and easy setup, combining anti-ram function with user convenience.


Versatile Application

Guarantees utmost security for restricted spaces, striking a balance between effectiveness and convenience.



In conclusion, TiSO offers a wide range of road blocker products designed to meet the diverse security requirements of different installations. These certified road blockers, provide robust protection against vehicular attacks, ensuring the safety and security of people and property.

About TiSO


With the objective of “Let’s Make Life Safer.”, TiSO has spent 25 years since 1996 introducing a range of manufacturing, installation, and on-site product maintenance across the globe. Leading worldwide laboratories have approved their production procedures and every TiSO product, from turnstiles to traffic-blocking systems to fire-resistant doors, complies with the highest international standards for health, safety, and the environment.


TiSO has more than 350 employees covering management, manufacturing and logistics, technical, engineering, and sales to ensure that all products manufactured by TiSO comply with both local and global standards. They are committed to providing their customers with high-quality products and services.


iSO products have been installed in over 70 countries worldwide, from fitness centres to nuclear power stations to iconic buildings. They have subsidiary offices in Singapore, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom, ensuring that TiSO is a truly global business.

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A Guide to Different Types and Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hydraulic road blocker, and how does it work?

A hydraulic road blocker is a security device that uses hydraulic power to rise and block vehicle access. It works by swiftly deploying a robust barrier to prevent unauthorized entry.

What are the benefits of using shallow-mounted road blockers?

Shallow-mounted road blockers offer discreet security, blending with surroundings while still providing high-strength obstruction. They ensure seamless traffic flow and enhance aesthetics.

Can you explain the installation process for surface-mounted road blockers?

Surface-mounted road blockers involve placing units directly on the road’s surface, simplifying installation with reduced groundwork, and ensuring efficient perimeter protection.

What does it mean for a road blocker to be PAS68 certified?

PAS68 certification signifies that a road blocker meets stringent standards for vehicle security barriers. It assures high-level protection against hostile vehicle intrusion, as recognized by the security industry.

Are Tiso road blockers suitable for heavy-duty commercial use?

Tiso road blockers are well-suited for heavy-duty commercial use due to their robust construction, certified security standards, and reliable performance, ensuring optimal protection for valuable assets.

Can road blockers be integrated with access control systems?

Yes, road blockers can be seamlessly integrated with access control systems, allowing centralized management and synchronized operation for enhanced security and controlled entry.

What maintenance is required for Tiso road blockers?

Regular maintenance for Tiso road blockers involves inspections, lubrication, and performance checks to ensure proper functionality and durability, minimizing downtime and maximizing effectiveness. Connect with our support team for any issues.

How can I order Tiso road blockers for my facility in Dubai, UAE?

To order Tiso road blockers for your Dubai, UAE facility, reach out to the leading distributor – Stebilex Systems. Our sales team will guide you through product selection, customization, and installation processes.