Given the requirement for security, dependable access control solutions are more essential than ever. Turnstiles are increasingly used in a range of settings, including offices, public areas, and commercial buildings like factories and stadiums. The TiSO Tripod Turnstiles have established themselves as the best security substitute for traditional access control systems. Tripod turnstiles from the TiSO series are already dominating the market in 2023.

This comprehensive blog will explore further the world of TiSO Tripod Turnstiles, examining its importance, advantages, and features while illuminating what sets TiSO apart as a respected producer of physical security goods. In order to learn more about the cutting-edge technology that drives TiSO’s most iconic tripod, let’s go off on a voyage.

What is a Tripod Turnstile?

Before getting into the specifics of TiSO’s Tripod Turnstiles, let’s first understand the fundamental concept of a tripod turnstile. A tripod turnstile, an access control device, regulates the flow of traffic through a single entry or exit.

The device consists of three rotating arms or barriers that, depending on permission, can either prohibit or permit passage. These turnstiles are essential for enhancing security since they limit access while regulating entry and exit.

Importance of TiSO Tripod Turnstiles

TiSO has established itself as a leading manufacturer of physical security systems and solutions since its foundation in 1996. Due to its emphasis on quality and innovation, TiSO’s Tripod Turnstiles are currently preferred by many businesses and organisations. Here’s why they’re so important:

Robust Design

The Tripod TWIX, BASTION, and ONYX turnstile series from TiSO are widely known for their robust construction. These turnstiles are suitable for a range of applications as they are built to withstand high use and bad weather.

Integration Capabilities

One of the key benefits of TiSO Tripod Turnstiles is how easily they interface with different access control and ID systems. This versatility enables businesses to tailor security solutions to their requirements.

Low Power Consumption

In an era where energy efficiency is a key issue, the low power consumption of TiSO’s turnstiles is notable. In addition to promoting environmental sustainability, this saves operating costs.

Panic/Bar Drop Function

TiSO’s turnstiles come equipped with a panic/bar drop function that ensures safety in emergencies. The arms of the turnstile automatically drop when there’s a power failure, preventing crowding and ensuring a smooth evacuation.

Wide Range of Accessories

TiSO offers a wide range of accessories that enhance the functionality and convenience of their turnstiles. From card readers to backup battery connections, these accessories provide a comprehensive security solution.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the individual product lines within TiSO’s Tripod Turnstiles collection.

Exploring the TiSO’s Premier Product Line (TWIX, BASTION, ONYX Series)



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The TWIX-M is the robust and trustworthy variety in the tripod turnstile series. It is ideal for heavily trafficked settings like stadiums, businesses, or industrial facilities since it is excellent at controlling entry even in areas with high foot traffic. Here are some key details:


Key features:

  • Operation in Both Directions with a Motor: With a panic/bar drop mechanism, the TWIX-M is a bi-directional motorised tripod turnstile that offers effective access control.
  • High-Quality Building: TiSO prioritises quality while offering reasonable costs. Because of its robust design and high-quality components, the TWIX-M is built to last.
  • Possibilities for Integration: It offers a full security solution by seamlessly connecting with various access control and ID systems.
  • Low Power Consumption: Despite the TWIX-M’s excellent performance, it needs extremely little power, which contributes to higher energy efficiency.
  • Emergency Mode: The arm lowers automatically to prevent clogging and improve safety in the case of a power loss.
  • Housing Options: The TWIX-M is suitable for both modest dwellings and lavish office buildings since it is offered in a range of housing finishes.
  • Numerous Accessories: A large range of TiSO accessories are available to improve the TWIX-M.



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The BASTION-M is another remarkable model in TiSO’s line of tripod access systems. It is designed to meet the security needs of crowded areas and has traits similar to those of the TWIX-M. Here’s everything you need to know:


Key features:

  • Bi-Directional Motorized Operation: The BASTION-M has a bi-directional motorised operation with a panic/bar drop feature, much like the TWIX-M does.
  • Quality and Cost-Effectiveness: TiSO’s continued dedication to both quality and affordability with the BASTION-M makes it an appealing alternative for businesses.
  • Integration and Low Power Consumption: It integrates with access control and ID systems without difficulty while consuming little power.
  • Emergency Mode: The BASTION-M automatically lowers its arms during power outages to guarantee safety in dire circumstances.
  • Housing Options: You may choose from a variety of housing finishes to match your interior design preferences.
  • Wide Range of Accessories: Similar to earlier TiSO models, the BASTION-M offers a wide variety of attachments to enhance functionality.


The ONYX series of tripod turnstiles features an exclusive design. These turnstiles have an efficient control system, a reliable design, and a sophisticated ergonomic design. Let’s look into the three options:



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Key features:

  • Efficient Operation: Equipped with an automatic bi-directional servo-drive mechanism and a robust locking system, ONYX-M operates reliably even in high-traffic locations.
  • Emergency Safety: It features an automatic anti-panic system, lowering its arms during emergencies to allow unobstructed passage.
  • Durable Cabinet Tops: Scratch-resistant black glass tops make maintenance simple while ensuring long-lasting aesthetics.
  • RFID Integration: Two RFID readers under the top glass reader panels ensure efficient access control.



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Key features:

  • Ergonomic Design: ONYX-S shares the ergonomic design and stylish body lines of the ONYX series.
  • Scratch-Resistant Glass: The inclined scratch-resistant glass top adds a futuristic look to this turnstile, making it an architectural element for modern interiors.
  • Robust Operation: Its automatic bi-directional servo-drive mechanism and robust locking system ensure reliable operation in high-traffic areas.
  • Emergency Safety: Similar to ONYX-M, it features an automatic anti-panic system for enhanced safety.
  • LED Indicators: Sleek LEDs provide clear passage status indications.
  • RFID Integration: Two RFID readers under the top glass reader panels facilitate efficient access control.




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Key features:

  • Ergonomic Design: ONYX-S shares the ergonomic design and stylish body lines of the ONYX series.
  • Wall Mounting Design: The ONYX-XS is exceptional in that it features a special wall mounting design that enables flexible installation.
  • Compact Dimensions: This model is an economical choice for a number of settings because of its low cost and small size.
  • Stylish Appearance: The ergonomic design with graceful body lines and sloping scratch-resistant glass top give it a slightly futuristic appearance.
  • Robust Operation: It has an automated bi-directional servo-drive mechanism and a powerful locking system.

Benefits of TiSO Tripod Turnstiles


Having explored TiSO’s TWIX, BASTION, and ONYX series turnstiles, it’s evident that they offer a range of benefits:

  • Reliability: TiSO turnstiles are recognised for their dependability, which makes them perfect for areas with high traffic.
  • Bi-Directional Motorized Operation: A smooth flow of traffic in both directions is ensured by the bi-directional motorised functioning of the TiSO Tripod Turnstile.
  • Low Power Consumption: They consume less power, which saves money and preserves the environment.
  • Aesthetics: TiSO turnstiles are visually appealing and improve the ambience of modern settings.
  • Versatility: It is possible to customise these turnstiles to match various settings. Numerous housing alternatives, including both indoor and outdoor possibilities, provide customization freedom.
  • Integration Compatibility: TiSO Tripod Turnstiles may be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of access control and ID systems, enhancing their utility.
  • Panic/Bar Drop Function: During emergencies or power outages, TiSO turnstiles automatically activate their panic/bar drop function.
  • Quiet Operation: Since they operate quietly, TiSO turnstiles don’t disrupt peaceful environments much.
  • Back-Up Battery: Turnstiles from TiSO offer the option of being connected to a backup battery, ensuring that they will function even in the case of a power loss.
  • Durable Materials: TiSO uses high-quality materials to create long-lasting, sturdy turnstiles.

About TiSO

TiSO was established in 1996 and has since become a leading manufacturer of physical security systems and solutions. Due to its international reach and commitment to excellence, TiSO has won the respect of customers all over the world. Turnstiles, pedestrian gates, emergency doors, and anti-ramming barriers are just a few examples of the many different products they provide that show their dedication to security and innovation. TiSO undertakes rigorous internal and external testing, holds certifications like ISO 9001:2015 for quality management, and conducts testing to verify conformity to international standards. From gyms to nuclear power plants, more than 70 countries have used TiSO’s products.

In a Nutshell


The Tripod Turnstiles from TiSO’s TWIX, BASTION, and ONYX series stand out as trustworthy and flexible access control and security solutions. Due to their robust design, easy integration capabilities, low power consumption, and safety features, these turnstiles have earned their position as top sellers in 2023. Whether you’re guarding a stadium, an industrial site, or an office complex, TiSO’s turnstiles offer the perfect fusion of appearance and functionality.

TiSO is a name to keep in mind if you’re seeking high-quality security solutions that don’t sacrifice aesthetics. As technology advances and security needs become more complex, TiSO remains at the forefront, ensuring that companies and organisations can confidently secure their assets and employees. Reputable suppliers, like Stebilex Systems, place a strong emphasis on offering clients complete guidance and advice when choosing the best TiSO Tripod Turnstiles for their facilities. Stebilex Systems serves businesses in Qatar, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Key Takeaways


  • TiSO’s Tripod Turnstiles are essential for modern security infrastructure, regulating pedestrian flow and enhancing security.
  • The TWIX-M thrives in busy areas because of its durable and dependable construction.
  • BASTION-M from the BASTION series is known for its sturdiness and integration flexibility.
  • The ONYX series combines aesthetics and efficiency for modern interiors and stringent security needs.
  • All TiSO Tripod Turnstiles offer bi-directional motorized operation for efficient flow.
  • These turnstiles seamlessly integrate with various access control and ID systems.
  • TiSO turnstiles are energy-efficient, ensuring low power consumption.
  • In emergencies or power outages, TiSO turnstiles activate a panic/bar drop function.
  • These turnstiles operate quietly to minimize disruption.
  • Stebilex Systems is a leading supplier in the industry, is committed to quality and provides security solutions for various sectors worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are TiSO Tripod Turnstiles?

TiSO Tripod Turnstiles are access control barriers designed to regulate pedestrian flow. They come in various models like TWIX, BASTION, and ONYX, offering security and durability.

How do TiSO turnstiles enhance security in high-traffic areas?

TiSO turnstiles provide robust access control, with features like bi-directional operation, anti-panic function, and integration with access systems, ensuring efficient security in crowded environments.

What integration capabilities do TiSO Tripod Turnstiles offer?

TiSO turnstiles seamlessly integrate with access control and ID systems, making them versatile for various security setups while maintaining high-quality performance.

How does the panic/bar drop function work in TiSO turnstiles?

TiSO turnstiles have a panic/bar drop function that automatically lowers the arms during emergencies or power failures, ensuring safe passage for users.

What makes the TWIX series different from other TiSO turnstiles?

The TWIX series offers cost-effective, motorized turnstiles with sleek design, ideal for high-traffic sites like stadiums and factories, featuring a drop arm function for emergency situations.

How do the BASTION and ONYX series stand out in TiSO's product lineup?

BASTION and ONYX series feature motorized turnstiles with panic/bar drop function, low power consumption, and elegant design, suitable for modern interiors and high-traffic areas.

What are the energy efficiency features of TiSO turnstiles?

TiSO turnstiles are energy-efficient, consuming low power and even offering a backup battery connection to ensure continuous operation during power outages.

How does TiSO ensure the durability and robustness of its turnstiles?

TiSO turnstiles are built with high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, and undergo rigorous testing to guarantee durability, even in harsh environments.

Can TiSO turnstiles be customized for different settings?

Yes, TiSO turnstiles can be customized to fit various settings, with options for indoor or outdoor housing, different finishes, and a wide range of accessories.

Which regions can purchase TiSO turnstiles from Stebilex Systems?

Stebilex Systems offers TiSO turnstiles to customers worldwide, ensuring global access to these high-quality security solutions.