Buy Strongest barriers for better traffic management in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Bollards, Road Blockers, and Tyre Killers for vehicle control from industry leading manufacturers

Are you looking to buy Bollards, Road Blockers, and Tyre Killers for vehicle access control in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?

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Providing perimeter protection to secure facilities and people

Most of the bollards and road blockers brands offered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by Stebilex are robust heavy-duty units offering effective security. Our Bollards, Road Blockers, and Tyre Killers for regulating vehicle access, traffic management and perimeter protection are modern and ready to install units with low maintenance.

Our solutions are suitable for a range of facilities including government buildings, embassies, ministries and military facilities and industrial & commercial facilities, as well as public places like museums and arenas. They also manage traffic flow and parking at historic buildings, art galleries, and palaces.


We supply products from leaders in the physical security industry including FAAC, Armakontrol, and Hormann in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that features a modern design, fast operation, and powerful deterring power in case a vehicle crashes. Our bollards and vehicle road blockers portfolio includes the highest crash rated and high-security products like crash bollards, automatic, semi-automatic and fixed traffic bollards, road blocker, and tire killers.

Stebilex Systems is a leading supplier for bollards and traffic barriers in the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Get the right solution for your facility at great prices from us, talk to our product team today.

Reduce risk at important landmarks with Bollard from Stebilex


A bollard is a standalone post typically anchored in concrete and built with steel to act as a deterrent to block vehicle movement from desired direction while providing free passage for pedestrians. State of the art fixed and retractable bollards come in various heights and operation modes. The fully automatic hydraulic and electromechanical smart bollards are usually powered by sensors to recline when vehicles approach.

They are designed to withstand high impacts and deflect potential blows away from the object or area they’re in place. For example, FAAC’s J355 F M50 bollard is able to stop a 6,800 kg lorry travelling at 80Km/h. Bollards are usually short, and sturdy and ideally placed to block vehicles entering restricted areas and are ideal for Historic Buildings, Museums, Art Galleries, and critical facilities like embassies etc.





Automatic and semi
/fixed bollards

Tyre Killers, Rising Ramp Barriers, and Road Blockers

Offering much more linear protection that may cover the entire width of the road, road blockers and ramp barriers offer optimum security for critical facilities. Vehicle barriers come in various formats and have vast application be it at a building parking lot or at a critical military or government facility.

Made with steel, or other composite material, they provide different degrees of deterrence and are designed with the sole goal of protection.




FAAC access control systems
  • Certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System
  • FAAC products are recognised by SAFEzone and GREENtech
  • Over 50 years of expertise and 75 patents
horman pillomat
  • Pilomat by Hormann has over 20 years of expertise in bollards manufacturing
  • ASTM F2656-07 Standard, M50 (K12) Rating crash tested
  • Over 100 individual sales locations in more than 40 countries
  • Received the 2019 Barrier and Security Systems of the Year award
  • Provide 5 years and 10 years warranty
  • Production and services in accordance with ISO/ CE/ EAC /TSE-HYB standards


Our product ranges from leading brands, protect perimeters and control access points of critical infrastructure & public places.




Oil & gas


Financial institutes


Government buildings


Data centres


Military bases

Buy high-tensile, modern bollards by leading brands from Stebilex in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Automatic Bollards

Stebilex Systems offers automatic bollards operated either with a hydraulic motor or by an electromechanical motor. Our best selling products in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia include hydraulic and electromechanical bollards from FAAC and other brands that require limited excavation and are ideal for both residential and commercial application. Automatic Bollards offered by us are crash tested, IP Protection rates and feature easy installation.

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Semi Automatic Bollards

Most of our semi-automatic bollard models are key operated and require no power consumption making them an ideal solution for vehicle and pedestrian mixed transit points and parking control. The semi-automatic bollards are kept locked in raised position until lowered with the lock present on top of the bollard.

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Fixed Bollards

Fixed bollards come as simple poles that guide traffic or restrict vehicle access in historic places, as well as in sturdy and crash-tested models to protect sensitive areas such as airports, embassies, consulates, banks, ports, etc.

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Removable Bollards

Much like a semi-automatic bollard, removable bollards are removed with the help of a key. They come in either the standard version or with a safety lock option to stop unauthorised removal. Removable Bollards are a good fit for places that only have limited traffic.

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Security & Anti-Ram Bollards

The high security line includes fixed bollards with reinforced base-plates or installed on concrete. meeting the highest of security needs. They are crash tested against fast moving heavy vehicles.

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Buy Bollards, Road Blockers, and Tyre Killers by leading brands in the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Road Blockers/ Rising Ramp Vehicle Barriers

The road blockers are usually motorised rising ramps that can be manually operated or enabled with sensors to detect approaching vehicles. The Rising Ramp Vehicle Barriers come in different widths to match application requirements to provide the highest level of protection against unauthorised vehicle entry. They are ideal solutions for government building and critical facilities.

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Tyre Killers

Tyre Killers are made from heavy duty spikes that rise from the ground to neutralize approaching rogue vehicles. It works as an access control barrier and prevents the passage of unauthorised vehicles.

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Strong and durable physical security and access control

Our range of security bollards are ASTM standard tested, IP protection rated

Protection of an out-of-control-vehicles, providing fencing

  • J355 HA M50 from FAAC is a crash rated bollard perfect for perimeter protection at high-security facilities
  • J355 HA M50 hydraulic bollards are taller and stand at 1200mm height
  • The bollard is capable of stopping a 7500Kg truck running at a speed of about 80km/hour (50Mph)
Know MoreData Sheet
  • The bollard is an automatic retractable bollard operated by an inbuilt hydraulic unit
  • J200 HA bollard is 600mm in height and comes in 200mm diameter
  • J200 HA bollards have a rising time of 5 seconds and 7 seconds lowering
Know MoreData Sheet
  • Suitable for very frequent use offers approx. 2000 movements/day
  • Automatic lifting and lowering by integrated hydraulic operator
  • The control unit allows to control multiple bollards simultaneously
  • Arms Road Trap creates a fast and safe transit environment by ensuring one-way traffic
  • Suitable for car parks, shopping centers, building complexes and similar areas
  • The automatic road traps can be disabled when required
  • The road blocker is very ideal solution for frequent use, up to 2000 movements/day
  • The Hydraulic operator can be fitted externally at a maximum distance of 30m)
  • It comes with optional EFO Emergency Fast Operation Functionality
  • The road blocker is very ideal solution for frequent use, up to 2000 movements/day
  • The Hydraulic operator can be fitted externally at a maximum distance of 30m)
  • It comes with optional EFO Emergency Fast Operation Functionality
  • For very frequent use, gives around 2000 movements/day
  • Operated by an external hydraulic unit which can be placed 30m away
  • Features Emergency Fast Operation functionality

Check our complete range of bollards, barriers, road blockers, and tyre killers


What is a bollard barrier?

A bollard is a sturdy, short vertical post which is used to guide traffic, mark boundaries and protect assets. Installing bollards is a cost-effective way to balance security and appeal of workplaces. Considering the growing traffic scenario and the scarcity of parking spaces, it is possible to miss any written instructions. That’s where an access control and safety device like a bollard can be helpful.

What is the difference between road blockers and boom barriers?

Road blockers are usually motorised rising ramps that can be manually operated or enabled with sensors to detect approaching vehicles, while the boom barriers come with rising arms that manage access to parking areas or regulate passage at transit points.

Where can I buy FAAC bollards in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?

You can buy FAAC Bollards, Road Blockers, and Tyre Killers from Stebilex Systems. We also supply vehicle and parking barriers from Magnetic and other brands. we deliver to anywhere in the middle east through our local offices in Dubai, UAE and Doha, Qatar.

How about the guarantee and after sale service?

Most of the products we supply come with manufacturer warranty.

How long does it take for the delivery?

Most of our products are sourced from manufacturers, and we promise you same day response to your request and quickest delivery there after.

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