FAAC J355 HA M50 Bollard

The automatic J355 HA M50 from FAAC is a crash rated bollard perfect for perimeter protection at high-security facilities like military sites, airports, embassies, consulates, bank and ports etc. The J355 HA M50 hydraulic bollards are taller and stand at 1200mm height off the ground.

Key Features

  • Capable of stopping a 7,500kg truck travelling at 80 km/h
  • Hydraulic control unit integrated into the bollard
  • Also available in EFO (Emergency Fast Operation) version
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The automatic J355 M50 bollards are tested in accordance with PAS 68:2013 impact test and are capable of stopping a 7500Kg truck running at a speed of about 80km/hour (50Mph). The J355 M50 automatic bollard’s support structure is built with reinforced steel and can be placed into a pit in the foundation. The hydraulic drive unit is integrated into the bollard structure. The J355 M50 comes in four variants – two painted steel models and INOX AISI 316L family models.The J355 M50 bollards offer clear visibility in environmental conditions with a 55mm reflecting strip all around the cylinder and LED lights that stay ON while the bollard is in the raised position. The J355 also comes in an Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) with a fast emergency rising time of 2seconds. You can order FAAC bollards including J355 M50 in the Middle East from Stebilex Systems.

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Product details

Brands FAAC
J355 HA M50 116384
J355 HA M50 EFO 116385

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