Paxton10 PaxLock Pro – Euro, Internal, White

Paxton10 Paxlock Pro Euro, Internal, White can be used as a standalone offline device as well as connected to a network on a Paxton10 system through wireless Paxton10 connector.

Key Features

  • Dual-frequency reader
  • Wireless real-time event reporting
  • Dual standalone and online functionality in one unit
Paxton10 PaxLock Pro Euro internal version is designed to be compatible with DIN standard locksets and has applications in several industries including hospitality, healthcare and business facilities, and residential applications. PaxLock Pro Internal version comes in aesthetic white finish and the lock handle is IK10 impact rated. The electronic door handle is connected Paxton10 system and has Bluetooth frequency-hopping technology that enables uninterrupted range.The stand-alone system supports up to 10,000 users/tokens while an online system connected to Net2 access control system can support up to 50,000 users. Up to 10 wireless devices can be connected per Net2Air Bridge, offering scalability from standalone to networked access control system. You can buy Paxton Access electronic door locks and access control products Stebilex Systems. We are an official distributor for Paxton products in the region providing best prices, quick delivery, and expert after-sales tech remote tech support.

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Brands Paxton
Product Code 010-603WT

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