GEM CP-24 / 31 Series Call Points

GEM offers a range of fire call points that offer single or double pole changeover with open or closed connections. The CP-24 / 31 Series call points are supplied with glass or plastic glass covers.

Key Features

  • 100mΩ contact resistance
  • CP-24G-L and CP-24GP-L come with backlight

GEM Call Points come in different colour options, so they can be used in different areas as required. The call points work on 12~24 VDC voltage and feature 100mΩ contact resistance. The call points are supplied with a test key offering easy installation. There are six models in the CP series including CP-24G, CP-24G-L, CP-24GP, CP-24GP-L, CP-31G-UC, and CP-31GP. The models CP-24G-L and CP-24GP-L come with backlight making it suitable for lowlit environments.

The CP series call points in 5 colours namely Green, Blue, Yellow, White, and Red. While the CP-24G, CP-24G-L and CP-31G-UC come enclosed in break glass while other models come in openable plastic enclosures. You can buy GEM callpoints in the middle east from Sebilex Systems in the middle east.

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