ViRDI UBio-X Pro Lite Face & Finger Recognition Terminal (35,000 face templates/second, 5in LCD, quad Core Processor)

The UBio-X Pro Lite is part of ViRDI’s UBio biometric authentication terminal solution for access control and time & attendance offers face and fingerprint recognition functionalities. UBio – X Pro is equipped with powerful facial recognition algorithms and offers 35000 matching per second.

Key Features

  • 35,000 Face Algorithm Templates within 1 sec
  • Supports reading of multiple-frequency RFID cards
  • Patented Fake finger detection

UBio – X Pro Lite uses ViRDI’s improved face reading using dual camera options and is capable of reading faces in various lighting conditions, and offers operating illuminance of up to 30,000Lux. UBio X Pro Lite, like X Pro can be used in various applications and environments, such as manufacturing factory, bank, large scale integrated security center and more.

ViRDI’s UBio X Pro Lite offers storage for up to 500,000 users, 1,000,000 templates, 10,000,000 event logs 20,000 image logs of each transaction. The terminal comes with 1.0 GHz Quad-Core Processor, an intuitive and easy to use 5in LCD screen offering easy to use graphics, and supports reading of RFID cards and credentials with varied frequencies including 125kHz RF, 13.56 SC, HID Prox and HID iClass.

ViRDI’s UBio-X Pro range of facial and fingerprint scanners are the most versatile and highest performing terminals in the world. You can order ViRDI UBio X Pro Lite and other biometrics authentication and time & attendance solutions by ViRDI from Stebilex Systems in the middle east, talk to our product experts today.

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