Sectec (SCT130) Tripod Turnstile Single Leg Slim

Introducing the Sectec SCT130 Tripod Turnstile Single Leg (Slim), a durable solution for high-traffic venues such as sports venues, correctional facilities, and metro lines. It is designed with durability in mind and provides secure access management.

Key Features

  • Robust Body
    1.2 mm thick stainless steel was used in its construction for durability.
  • Adjustable Handles
    Electrostatic powder coating is available in stainless steel as well as a wide range of colours.
  • Versatile IP Class
    IP54 (IP56 optional) rating for dependable outdoor use.
  • Extensive Operating Temperature
    For a variety of regions, temperatures range from -20°C to +68°C (up to -50°C with heater).
  • Expandable Functions
    For increased security, there is an audio alert, memory mode, switching time, and direction adjustment.

With the Sectec SCT130 Tripod Turnstile Single Leg (Slim), enjoy smooth pedestrian access control. Designed for heavy-duty settings such as stadiums, jails, and public housing entries, this turnstile offers strong security and long-lasting performance.

It is made of durable stainless steel that is 1.2 mm thick. An optional electrostatic powder coating adds a customised visual element. Its broad operating temperature range (-20°C to +68°C, or Op: -50°C with heater) and IP54 (Ops. IP56) rating provide dependable performance in all weather.

With features like memory mode, customisable switching time, instructions, and loud alarm, versatility is essential. The handles stay in an idle state during an emergency, allowing for a swift escape. Access control units and token systems of different kinds can be seamlessly integrated with it for all-encompassing security management.

Stainless steel (304 standards) or optional 316 grade with satin finishing are suitable for a variety of applications, while optional components like heaters, battery units, LED spot lighting, and control systems sharpen functionality.

The Sectec SCT130 Tripod Turnstile Single Leg (Slim), with its sophisticated features and elegant form, is the best option for contemporary access control requirements. It effortlessly combines ease and security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Sectec SCT130 Tripod Turnstile Single Leg (Slim) be integrated with our existing access control system?

Yes, you can easily integrate the Sectec SCT130 Tripod Turnstile Single Leg (Slim) with your current access control system to guarantee improved security and flawless operation without requiring any changes.

What type of maintenance is required for the turnstile, and how frequently?

To maintain optimal functionality, routine cleaning is the main form of maintenance for the turnstile. To maintain it operating effectively, depending on usage, a thorough inspection for wear or damage every few months is advised.

Are there any specific installation requirements or considerations for the turnstile?

The turnstile requires very little installation. With a strong support, it is easily mountable on most surfaces. For smooth functioning, provide a solid base, power, and network connectivity.

Can the turnstile be customized to match our branding or aesthetic preferences?

Yes, indeed! You can alter the turnstile to make it match your brand or style. Several colour coatings and finishes are available to either fit in seamlessly with your surroundings or create a striking impression.

How does the audible alarm function work, and can it be adjusted to suit different scenarios?

In the event of attempted or unauthorised breaches, the audible alert acts as a notification and deterrent. It enhances security measures by being able to be tuned to varied levels and frequencies to fit diverse scenarios and environments.

What is the lead time for delivery and installation of the turnstile?

Delivery and installation lead times are generally influenced by order volume and customisation needs. To successfully fulfil your project deadlines, our staff does, however, work to guarantee timely processing and delivery.

Are there any additional fees or costs associated with optional accessories such as heaters, battery units, or control systems?

Accessory items like control systems, heaters, and battery packs could cost extra. Making decisions based on your budget and unique demands is made possible by our straightforward pricing policy, which guarantees you are aware of any additional costs upfront.

Does the turnstile come with any warranty or service agreement options?

Yes, there are warranty options available for the turnstile to ensure dependability and performance. Service agreements are also offered to offer continuous upkeep and assistance, guaranteeing that your investment is safeguarded and functional for many years to come.

Can the turnstile operate autonomously, or does it require continuous power and network connectivity?

Once mounted, the turnstile simply needs conventional power and network access to function independently. This guarantees that operations will continue even if there isn’t constant oversight or control.

How does the memory mode feature work, and what benefits does it offer in terms of access control management?

By storing user data and access control information in memory mode, the turnstile can manage entry permissions and security procedures more effectively. It improves overall control and monitoring capabilities and expedites access operations.

Is there a limit to the number of users or transactions the turnstile can handle within a given period?

Even during peak hours, the turnstile’s smooth and effective operation is guaranteed by its capacity to manage large numbers of users and transactions in a short amount of time. Its sophisticated mechanisms and sturdy structure ensure dependable operation in a variety of scenarios.

Can the turnstile be configured to comply with specific regulatory requirements or industry standards?

It is possible to set up the turnstile in a way that complies with particular legal requirements and industrial standards, guaranteeing that security procedures and operational guidelines are followed. Our staff can help customise the system to successfully satisfy your regulatory requirements.

Are there any training or support resources available for our staff to learn how to operate and maintain the turnstile effectively?

Your employees can become well-versed in the efficient operation and upkeep of the turnstile with the help of extensive training and support materials. We offer easily navigable resources, such as training and user manuals, to guarantee smooth integration and operation.

How does the emergency evacuation feature function, and can it be easily activated in case of an emergency situation?

The evacuation feature ensures effective evacuation processes in emergency scenarios by enabling quick and safe access through the turnstile. It’s simple to turn on to promote quick mobility and guarantee people’s safety while on the property.

What level of technical support is available from the manufacturer or supplier, particularly for troubleshooting issues or implementing custom configurations?

For any questions or problems you may have, our committed technical support staff is here to help. We are dedicated to offering prompt and efficient support to optimise the functioning and performance of your system, whether it is through the implementation of custom configurations or the debugging of technical issues.

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