PERCo TB-01 A Box Tripod Turnstile (Anti-panic functionality, 30persons/minute, IP41 rated)

The compact and elegant box tripod turnstile TB-01A comes with two built-in readers that feature Wiegand interface. Several turnstiles installed in a line creates a passageway for pedestrian traffic management. The turnstile can be configured with an automatic anti-panic function for emergencies.

Key Features

  • Turnstile with built-in electronics and 2 readers
  • Standard/anti-panic barrier arms
  • Allows bidirectional passage and peak throughput for 30 persons/minute

The anti-panic barrier arm of the TB-01A is completely automatic and secure, as it avoids any unauthorised folding through mechanical means. It can be integrated with a fire alarm system to offer free passage and intrusion detection to stop unauthorised passage. The turnstile’s top cover comes with LED indicators for passage direction and authorisation status. The turnstile can be operated as a standalone access control unit or can be managed remotely by an access control system. When controlled using an online access control system TB-01A can be configured to operate in pulse control or preset control mode.

The system allows effective individualisation of people, especially relevant for Time and Attendance systems. The turnstile is usually closed until a passage is authorised, or unlocked using a mechanical release key. The turnstile can also be unlocked with a signal from a fire alarm system. The energy-efficient turnstile reduces costs of buying additional equipment, as it comes with built-in electronics. The turnstile can be installed on railings. With a mean time before failure at 4,000,000 passages, the comes with a five-year warranty from PERCo. You can buy PERCo’s box tripod turnstile from Stebilex Systems in the middle east.

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