Picking the ideal security system for your business location in the crowded security system industry could be difficult. There is no need to worry, though, since by 2023 PERCo will have cemented its place as a powerful brand and a real innovator in the safe access solutions sector. The foundation of PERCo’s history, which spans more than three decades of success, is quality and innovation.

Imagine a time in the future when access control seamlessly adapts to the shifting demands of the digital era. And exactly that is what PERCo provides. These full-height turnstiles are more than just physical barriers; they are your space’s defenders.

In this article, we’ll explore the finest full-height turnstiles from PERCo for 2023 based on their features, dependability, and security. So let’s embark on this journey to learn more about safe access in the distant future.

PERCo’s Leading Full-Height Turnstiles Pave the Way in 2023

The need for strong, innovative, and durable solutions to regulate pedestrian traffic and improve security has never been more pressing as we traverse a constantly changing environment. Join us as we investigate how PERCo’s modern technology is laying the foundation for a safer and more productive future.

PERCo Full Height Turnstiles

PERCo’s Full-Height Turnstiles provide robust security solutions with their sturdy construction and advanced features, ensuring controlled access in various settings. With a focus on security and durability, PERCo’s Full-Height Turnstiles offer reliable access control for diverse applications.

TRTD-15.1 Full Height Rotor Turnstile

WMD-06 Motorized Swing Gate
When the need for security is paramount, the RTD-15.1 Full Height Rotor Turnstile offers complete overlap of the passage zone, ensuring stringent access control. Its robust construction makes it suitable for outdoor use, making it a preferred choice for stadiums, industrial sites, and other high-security environments.

Key features of the RTD-15.1 include:

  • Complete overlap of passage zone for enhanced security.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum structure.
  • Emergency unlocking through Fire Alarm input.
  • Integration with access control systems.

The RTD-15.1 showcases PERCo’s commitment to providing high-security solutions that prioritize reliability and durability.

RTD-16.1S Full Height  Rotor Turnstile

WMD-05S Motorized Swing Gate
The RTD-16.1S Full-Height Rotor Turnstile combines security and style seamlessly. Its sleek and modern design, coupled with its high-security features, makes it an ideal choice for upscale locations such as luxury hotels and corporate headquarters.

Key features of the RTD-16.1S include:

  • Stylish design with customizable options.
  • Complete overlap of passage zone for security.
  • Emergency unlocking through Fire Alarm input.
  • Integration with access control systems.
  • Walkway downlights for enhanced visibility.

The RTD-16.1S reflects PERCo’s commitment to providing access control solutions that not only enhance security but also blend seamlessly with sophisticated environments.

RTD-20.1S Full Height Rotor Turnstile

WMD-05S Motorized Swing Gate

For areas that demand the highest level of security, the RTD-20.1S Full Height Rotor Turnstile offers a double passage solution, ensuring controlled access even in limited space. Its ability to operate in a lock-chamber mode enhances security further, making it suitable for government facilities and data centers.

Key features of the RTD-20.1S include:

  • Double passage for restricted access areas.
  • Emergency unlocking through Fire Alarm input.
  • High-security features for controlled entry.
  • Integration with access control systems.
  • User-friendly operation.

The RTD-20.1S exemplifies PERCo’s dedication to providing adaptable and customizable access control solutions that cater to the most stringent security requirements.

Unlocking Excellence with Top Benefits of PERCo’s Premier Full-Height Turnstiles

In the realm of access control and security, PERCo’s Premier Full-Height Turnstiles stands as the paragon of excellence in 2023. These turnstiles boast a myriad of benefits that set them apart in the industry. Here’s why they’re the top choice:

Unwavering Security
PERCo’s Full-Height Turnstiles are synonymous with security. With their robust construction and advanced features, they guarantee controlled access in a wide array of settings, from stadiums to industrial sites.
Complete Passage Control
The RTD-15.1 Full-Height Rotor Turnstile offers uncompromising security by providing a complete overlap of the passage zone. This feature ensures stringent access control, making it ideal for high-security environments.
Versatility Unleashed
These turnstiles are not limited by location. Built to withstand the elements, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Their corrosion-resistant aluminum structure ensures they can weather the harshest conditions.
Emergency Ready
Safety is a top priority. The RTD-15.1 and its counterparts are equipped with emergency unlocking through Fire Alarm input, ensuring swift evacuation in critical situations.
Seamless Integration
These turnstiles seamlessly integrate with access control systems, providing a holistic approach to security management.

Why Choose Full-Height Turnstiles from PERCo in 2023?

When it comes to selecting access control solutions for 2023, PERCo’s Full-Height Turnstiles are a compelling choice. Here’s why:

Innovative Design
The RTD-16.1S Full-Height Turnstile marries security and style effortlessly. Its sleek, modern design makes it a perfect fit for upscale locations like luxury hotels and corporate headquarters.
Enhanced Security
Just like its full-height counterparts, the RTD-16.1S ensures complete overlap of the passage zone, guaranteeing security without compromise.
Emergency Response
Safety is paramount. These turnstiles feature emergency unlocking through Fire Alarm input, ensuring swift evacuation during emergencies.
Integration Excellence
Seamlessly integrate these turnstiles with your access control systems, creating a harmonious and secure access management system.
Visibility Matters
Walkway downlights on the RTD-16.1S enhance visibility, adding an extra layer of security, especially in low-light settings.

In a Nutshell


Since the landscape of access control is continuously evolving, making the suitable choice when it comes to choosing the right solution that caters to both security and convenience is pivotal. With a myriad of options in hand, you can choose the right one depending on your requirements.

Making commercial spaces safer, where we control how people move in and out, and where security is a big part of everyday operations, is something PERCo’s solutions really believe in. As we finish exploring PERCo’s full-height turnstiles for 2023, our understanding of it has surely expanded.

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As your business grows and stays safe and organized, remember that every time someone comes in successfully, it shows that you made a smart choice and invested in trust and new ideas. So, make your choice wisely, feel sure about your safety, and walk into the future with PERCo.

Key Takeaways

  • Access solutions are shaped by security innovator PERCo, who embraces innovation for a safer future.
  • Full-height turnstiles from PERCo are more than simply physical barriers—they’re the ultimate security watchdogs.
  • RTD-15.1 provides excellent security, making it ideal for commercial and stadium settings.
  • The sleek RTD-16.1S combines design and superior security, making it perfect for elite settings.
  • For government buildings, RTD-20.1S provides double passage and top-notch security.
  • Safety in urgent circumstances is ensured by emergency unlocking through fire alarm input.
  • Turnstiles from PERCo effortlessly interact with access control systems for total security administration.
  • The pathway downlights on the RTD-16.1S improve visibility, particularly in low-light conditions.
  • Turnstiles from PERCo are a good long-term investment since they are sturdy and come with a 5-year warranty.
  • Join forces with Stebilex Systems, the premier provider of security solutions for PERCo, as their partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes PERCo's Full-Height Turnstiles unique?

PERCo’s Full-Height Turnstiles stand out due to their robust construction, advanced security features, and sleek design, offering unmatched durability and aesthetics in access control solutions.

Are PERCo's Full-Height Turnstiles suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, PERCo’s Full-Height Turnstiles are designed for outdoor use, and built to withstand various weather conditions, making them a reliable choice for securing outdoor access points.

What is the significance of "complete overlap of the passage zone"?

Complete overlap of the passage zone ensures only one person can pass at a time, preventing tailgating and enhancing security by maintaining a single-person entry or exit.

How do PERCo's turnstiles integrate with existing access control systems?

PERCo’s turnstiles seamlessly integrate with existing access control systems through various communication interfaces, simplifying the process of managing and monitoring access.

What emergency features are available in PERCo's turnstiles?

PERCo’s turnstiles feature emergency unlock options, such as manual release and integration with fire alarm systems, ensuring safe evacuation during emergencies.

Is customization available for the design of PERCo's Full-Height Turnstiles?

Yes, PERCo offers customization options for the design of Full-Height Turnstiles, allowing you to match them with your facility’s aesthetics and specific requirements.

Are there multiple models of PERCo's Full-Height Turnstiles for different security needs?

PERCo offers multiple models of Full-Height Turnstiles, each tailored to different security needs, from basic access control to high-security installations.

Do PERCo's turnstiles offer features for enhanced visibility?

PERCo’s turnstiles can be equipped with optional features like LED indicators and sound alarms for enhanced visibility and user-friendly operation.

What warranty does PERCo offer on its Full-Height Turnstiles?

PERCo provides a comprehensive 5-year warranty on its Full-Height Turnstiles, ensuring long-term reliability and peace of mind for your access control solution.

How can I get in touch with a supplier for PERCo's turnstiles in my region?

Stebilex Systems is a leading supplier of PERCo turnstiles you can connect with our sales team, and we will connect back with you.