PERCo RTD-16.1S Full Height Rotor Turnstile

The PERCo RTD-16.1S Full Height Rotor Turnstile is a robust access control solution designed to meet heightened security requirements. This turnstile offers complete passage overlap and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, ensuring controlled entry and exit with efficiency and durability.

Key Features

  • Complete overlap for enhanced security control.
  • Indoor/outdoor installation options for flexible placement.
  • Effortlessly handle 20-30 persons/min throughput rates.
  • Sturdy galvanized steel housing ensures durability.
  • Integrated LED indicators and efficient electronic operation.
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The PERCo RTD-16.1S Full Height Rotor Turnstile is tailor-made to fulfill high-security demands. Created for both indoor and outdoor settings, these turnstiles offer a seamless overlap of the passage zone, ensuring stringent access control. Boasting a robust design, the turnstile includes a protective canopy and foundation frame options.

Operating at an efficient throughput rate of up to 20 persons/min (single passage mode) and 30 persons/min (free passage mode), these turnstiles facilitate smooth and controlled movement. The sturdy construction, comprised of powder-coated galvanized steel, guarantees durability even in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +55°C.

The PERCo RTD-16.1S features advanced functionalities such as built-in LED passage indicators, dual passage directions, and unblocking of rotors during fire alarms. Whether operating as stand-alone units or integrated into an access control system, these turnstiles provide versatile operation modes for various security needs. As a trusted supplier in UAE, Qatar, and Egypt, Stebilex Systems offers a wide range of access control solutions. Elevate your security standards with the PERCo RTD-16.1S Full Height Rotor Turnstile, ensuring controlled access without compromising on efficiency or durability.

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Additional information

Brands PERCo
Product Code/Part Number: RTD-16.1S

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets the PERCo RTD-16.1S Full Height Rotor Turnstile apart in terms of security?

The PERCo RTD-16.1S excels in security with its complete overlap passage zone and lock-chamber mode, ideal for facilities demanding top-tier access control.

Can the PERCo RTD-16.1S be installed both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, the PERCo RTD-16.1S is versatile and can be installed both indoors and outdoors, adapting seamlessly to your security needs.

What is the throughput rate for the PERCo RTD-16.1S Turnstile?

The PERCo RTD-16.1S Turnstile boasts a throughput rate of up to 20 persons/min in single passage mode and 30 persons/min in free passage mode.

How is the turnstile constructed, and what materials are used?

Crafted from powder-coated galvanized steel, the PERCo RTD-16.1S Turnstile features a robust design, with a protective canopy option, ensuring durability and resilience.

How do the built-in LED passage indicators function?

Built-in LED indicators grant clear passage guidance. They illuminate to indicate permission or denial, streamlining the user experience and access control.

What temperature range can the PERCo RTD-16.1S withstand?

The PERCo RTD-16.1S can endure temperatures from -40°C to +55°C, providing reliable performance in various weather conditions.

Can the turnstile operate as a stand-alone unit or only as part of an access control system?

The turnstile operates both as a stand-alone unit and as part of an access control system, offering flexibility in meeting security requirements.

What is the warranty and lifespan of PERCo RTD-16.1S Full Height Rotor Turnstile?

Backed by a 5-year warranty, the PERCo RTD-16.1S promises long-lasting performance. Its quality construction ensures a dependable lifespan.

How does the turnstile respond to a fire alarm signal?

In case of a Fire Alarm signal, the PERCo RTD-16.1S automatically unblocks the rotors, ensuring swift evacuation and safety during emergencies.

Is the PERCo RTD-16.1S available with different foundation frame options?

Yes, the PERCo RTD-16.1S offers additional foundation frame options, even on unstable ground, enhancing installation versatility.

Where can I purchase the PERCo RTD-16.1S Full Height Rotor Turnstile, and is Stebilex Systems the exclusive supplier?

You can purchase the PERCo RTD-16.1S Full Height Rotor Turnstile from Stebilex Systems, a trusted supplier catering to UAE, Qatar, and Egypt. They provide exclusive access to this advanced security solution. Connect with our sales team for a comprehensive buying journey.

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