Sectec (SCT120) Tripod Turnstile Single Leg

Introducing the Sectec (SCT120) Tripod Turnstile Single Leg, designed to uphold security in high-traffic zones like stadiums, prisons, and metro lines. Crafted with durable stainless steel, it ensures robust performance.

Key Features

  • Adaptable Features
    For both indoor and outdoor application, electromechanical operation and bidirectional transit are appropriate.
  • Adaptable Setup
    For improved control and safety, there are adjustable switching directions, memory mode, and an audio alarm.
  • Stable Designing
    1.2 mm thick stainless steel construction provides endurance and durability.
  • Options for Customisation
    Aesthetically pleasing electrostatic powder coating available in many colour options.
  • Elevated Protection Levels
    Meets industrial specifications, including choices for painted and stainless steel finishes.

With its IP54 protection against dust and water and adjustable manual switching, the Sectec (SCT120) Tripod Turnstile Single Leg guarantees safe travel. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses because of its sturdy stainless steel body, which can tolerate severe situations.

With the SCT120, which has a bidirectional LED display for clear indicators, enjoy smooth access control. It provides adaptable solutions for a range of security requirements, being compatible with several access control systems and having optional functionalities that may be controlled by LAN or RS232-485.

Increase security measures with the Sectec (SCT120) Tripod Turnstile Single Leg, which comes with 304-grade stainless steel as standard and 316-grade stainless steel as an alternative. Its modern style and available powder coating in a variety of RAL colours guarantee longevity and visual appeal in any setting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Sectec (SCT120) Tripod Turnstile Single Leg be integrated with our existing access control system?

Yes, you can easily connect the Sectec (SCT120) Tripod Turnstile Single Leg with your existing access control system to ensure efficient entrance management for the security requirements of your building.

What are the dimensions and weight of the turnstile, and does it require any special installation considerations?

The size of the turnstile varies according to arrangement. It is usually made of sturdy stainless steel and weighs adequately. Standard precautions must be taken during installation to provide the best possible security and operation.

Are there any maintenance requirements or service plans available for the SCT120 turnstile?

To ensure peak performance, regular maintenance is recommended. The vendor may provide service agreements that will guarantee the longevity and dependability of your investment in an SCT120 turnstile.

Can the turnstile be configured to accommodate specific accessibility needs or regulations?

Yes, the turnstile may be configured to fulfil certain requirements and accessibility rules. Because of its adaptable architecture, it may be adjusted to meet different needs without sacrificing security standards.

What level of technical support is provided by Stebilex Systems for installation and troubleshooting?

For installation and troubleshooting, Stebilex Systems provides thorough technical assistance. You may be confident that support is on hand to guarantee a smooth integration and quickly address any operational problems.

Are there any additional security features available beyond what is mentioned in the product description?

There could be more security choices available in addition to the features listed. You may successfully customise the turnstile to meet your unique security requirements by discussing these upgrades with the vendor.

How does the SCT120 turnstile perform in extreme weather conditions, such as high winds or heavy rain?

Given its construction, the SCT120 turnstile can survive harsh weather, providing dependable operation even in the face of strong winds, persistent rain, and temperature fluctuations. Its sturdy design guarantees that it will keep working in challenging conditions.

Can the turnstile be customized to match our branding or aesthetic preferences?

Yes, you may choose from a variety of customisation choices to fit your branding and style preferences. Talk with the supplier about customising the turnstile so that it perfectly complements the style and personality of your establishment.

What warranty options are available for the Sectec (SCT120) Tripod Turnstile Single Leg?

The Sectec (SCT120) Tripod Turnstile Single Leg comes with a variety of warranty options that cover different features and for varying lengths of time. To find out about warranty options that meet your needs, get in touch with us.

Can the turnstile be remotely monitored or controlled, and what software or systems are compatible with this functionality?

It is compatible with a range of applications and systems and offers the possibility of remote monitoring and control. Discuss your alternatives with us to make sure your current infrastructure integrates seamlessly for improved administration and control.

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