SCT140 Metro Type Tripod Turnstile

The Sectec SCT140 Metro Type Tripod Turnstile is designed for busy locations such as sporting venues and metropolitan area routes. Its smooth access control administration is guaranteed by its sturdy and secure construction.

Key Features

  • Durable Design
    Made of strong materials to withstand frequent use and guarantee long-term dependability.
  • Customisable Appearance
    Provides a variety of colour choices for a smooth transition into various contexts.
  • All-Weather Efficiency
    This system performs admirably in a range of weather situations, from bitterly cold to scorching hot.
  • Modular Functionality
    Modifiable parameters allow for customisation of the direction and timing of switching to meet unique requirements.
  • Fluid Integration
    For improved security, seamlessly connects with a variety of access control systems and token systems.

Introducing the state-of-the-art Sectec SCT140 Metro Type Tripod Turnstile, designed for high-traffic areas including stadiums, jails, and metro lines. This turnstile is a symbol of dependability and security because it was made with the highest precision and endurance.

Its sturdy 1.2 mm stainless steel body ensures unmatched strength to resist the demands of continuous use. In addition to offering a degree of personalisation, the electrostatic powder coating option guarantees durability and extends the product’s life.

With its customisable features that meet a range of requirements, this turnstile is a monument to adaptability. It gives users customised control over things like memory mode, switching times, and routes. Its audio alarm system also acts as an extra security measure, successfully discouraging possible breaches.

This turnstile, which has an IP54 rating (IP56 is optional), performs well in a range of weather conditions and temperatures, from -20°C to +68°C. It can even be operated down to -50°C with the help of a heater. This flexibility guarantees continuous functioning regardless of the surroundings.

With its smooth integration with numerous ACUs and token systems, this turnstile provides beyond-the-ordinary interoperability. Additional channels of control and management are made possible via optional RS232-485 or LAN connectivity, enabling customised solutions to satisfy particular needs.

Select from 304 stainless steel as standard, or upgrade with 316-grade stainless steel that has a satin finish as an option. The turnstile’s customisation options are further enhanced by powder coating options that come with anti-rust coatings and heat treatment, ensuring the turnstile blends in flawlessly with its surroundings.

The Sectec SCT140 Metro Type Tripod Turnstile, which sets the bar for contemporary access control solutions, is more than simply a security device. It is a symbol of dependability, versatility, and innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of warranty does the Sectec SCT140 Metro Type Tripod Turnstile offer, and what does it cover?

It is guaranteed that your investment is safe with the Sectec SCT140 Metro Type Tripod Turnstile warranty, which covers manufacturing faults. Assuring longevity and dependability for your crowd control requirements, it provides peace of mind. Get in touch with our sales team for further information.

Can you provide more information about the customization options available for the turnstile's appearance?

A variety of colours and finishes are available for customisation, enabling the turnstile to blend in perfectly with the overall aesthetic of your building. With options that are customised to your preferences, you can enhance aesthetics without sacrificing functionality.

How does the audible alarm system work, and what measures are in place to prevent false alarms?

Reliability as an alert mechanism that discourages unwanted access is provided by the sound alarm system. To provide effective security operations free from needless disturbances or hassles, advanced technology reduces false alarms.

Could you elaborate on the integration process of the turnstile with different access control systems and token mechanisms?

Smooth entry management can be achieved by seamlessly integrating the turnstile with various access control systems and token mechanisms. Savour adaptable choices catered to your unique needs, improving security procedures with ease.

What are the differences between the standard 304 stainless steel and the optional 316-grade stainless steel, in terms of durability and appearance?

When compared to normal 304 stainless steel, the optional 316-grade stainless steel has a sleeker appearance and is more durable. With this high-quality material, you can improve the looks and durability of your turnstile while also guaranteeing its long-term performance.

Can you explain the process of installation and maintenance for the Sectec SCT140 Metro Type Tripod Turnstile?

The Sectec SCT140 Metro Type Tripod Turnstile is easy to install and maintain so there is less downtime and hassle-free operation. To maximise effectiveness and lifetime, adhere to basic installation and routine maintenance standards.

Are there any additional accessories or add-ons available for the turnstile to enhance its functionality?

With further add-ons and accessories that are customised to your needs, you can improve the turnstile’s functioning. Examine your alternatives to maximise convenience and security for your particular setting, including LED lights and heaters.

What kind of technical support or assistance is provided by the manufacturer or supplier after purchasing the turnstile?

After purchase, trouble-free functioning is guaranteed by technical support from the manufacturer. Get trustworthy support and direction to ensure your Sectec SCT140 Metro Type Tripod Turnstile operates at peak efficiency and lasts a long time.

Can you provide examples of high-traffic venues or installations where the Sectec SCT140 Metro Type Tripod Turnstile has been successfully deployed?

Several high-traffic locations, such as stadiums, jails, and metro lines, have effectively used the Sectec SCT140 Metro Type Tripod Turnstile. Come experience good crowd control and increased security in a variety of settings with other happy customers.

How does the turnstile handle power outages or emergencies to ensure continued operation and security?

The turnstile is designed to withstand emergencies and power outages, guaranteeing security and uninterrupted operation. Maintain crowd control and safety even in difficult situations with idle handle functionality during disasters, always putting security first.

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