Sectec (SCT110-A) Tripod Turnstile with Angle Cover (Slim)

The Sectec SCT110-A Tripod Turnstile with Angle Cover (Slim) is a robust choice that is perfect for high-traffic locations like stadiums, jails, and metro lines. It guarantees security and longevity because it is made of materials of an industrial calibre.

Key Features

  • Commercial-Level Construction
    Built with stainless steel that is 1.2 mm thick, guaranteeing lifetime and toughness.
  • Flexible Management Solutions
    The handles are electrostatic powder-coated and available in stainless steel or a range of colours.
  • Strengthened Security Capabilities
    Features IP54 protection, audible alert, and emergency response for a variety of crisis scenarios.
  • Versatile Performance
    Manual switching is customisable, and capabilities such as memory mode and adjustable switching directions may be configured.
  • Balance and Harmony
    LAN or optional RS232-485 connection allows for smooth interaction with a variety of access control systems.

High-security environments benefit greatly from the Sectec SCT110-A Tripod Turnstile’s combination of robustness and adaptability. It provides versatility in operation, guaranteeing smooth access control, with its programmable functionalities and customisable manual switching.

This precisely crafted 1.2mm thick stainless steel turnstile guarantees dependability even in the most taxing settings. The handles may be customised with an optional electrostatic powder coating that preserves their lifetime and toughness.

The Sectec SCT110-A offers peace of mind in any situation thanks to its superior security features, which include audible alerts and IP54 protection. This turnstile offers strong performance and unwavering security, making it ideal for managing admission in stadiums or guarding mass housing entries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical installation process for the Sectec SCT110-A Tripod Turnstile, and what are the requirements for integrating it into an existing access control system?

Basic tools and a power supply are required for installing the Sectec SCT110-A Tripod Turnstile. For flawless operation, compatible wiring and configuration changes are needed for integration with an existing access control system.

Can you provide more details about the adjustable manual switching feature mentioned in the description? How does it work, and what flexibility does it offer in terms of operation?

The adjustable manual switching function allows you to easily change directions by manually moving the turnstile arms. It allows for flexible management over the flow of people entering or leaving the area based on needs or circumstances.

Are there any specific maintenance requirements or service intervals recommended for ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the turnstile?

Performance is guaranteed by routine lubrication and cleaning. Use determines how often a component has to be serviced, however in order to preserve lifespan and efficiency, moving parts, electronics, and worn components are usually inspected.

Can the Sectec SCT110-A Tripod Turnstile be customized to fit specific aesthetic or branding requirements, such as company colors or logos?

To complement certain aesthetic tastes or brand identities, the Sectec SCT110-A Tripod Turnstile may be customised with other colours, logos, or branding features. This will improve the installation’s overall appearance and feel.

How does the IP54 protection feature contribute to the durability and reliability of the turnstile, particularly in outdoor or harsh environments?

The turnstile’s resilience is increased by the IP54 protection, which keeps it dry and dust-free—especially in outdoor settings and damp areas. This function prolongs the equipment’s lifespan and guarantees dependable operation.

Are there any additional accessories or add-ons available for the Sectec SCT110-A Tripod Turnstile, such as barcode scanners or proximity card readers, to enhance its functionality?

Functionality may be improved by adding more devices like proximity card readers or barcode scanners. These choices offer a variety of authentication techniques for enhanced security and effectiveness in the administration of access control.

Can you provide examples of the types of access control systems that the turnstile is compatible with, and how seamless integration with these systems is achieved?

The turnstile can be used with ticketing systems, RFID, and biometric scanners, among other access control systems. Standardised protocols are used to achieve integration, guaranteeing smooth operation and communication with current configurations.

What type of support or technical assistance is offered by Stebilex Systems during the installation and setup process of the Sectec SCT110-A Tripod Turnstile?

In addition to providing technical support and troubleshooting information, Stebilex Systems offers extensive assistance throughout installation and setup. Our staff makes sure the deployment process goes smoothly and provide continuous support to quickly resolve any problems.

Are there any specific regulations or standards that the turnstile complies with, particularly regarding security and safety requirements in high-traffic areas?

The turnstile conforms with industrial security and safety requirements and laws, guaranteeing that rules in high-traffic areas are followed. In a variety of settings, it satisfies strict requirements for dependability, access control, and emergency management.

Can the Sectec SCT110-A Tripod Turnstile be configured to operate in both directions, and how does this flexibility benefit users in different environments or scenarios?

It is possible to set up the Sectec SCT110-A Tripod Turnstile for bidirectional operation, enabling travel in both directions. Its adaptability improves usability in many contexts by meeting changing user demands and traffic flow specifications.

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