As the pedestrian access control industry grows with new technologies, SECTEC prides itself as an organisation that possesses advanced security technologies. Set in the Küçükbakırcı Group, SECTEC is a forward-thinking Turkish firm that prides itself on revitalising the security industry standards.

In this blog, we’ll dig deeper to ucover the contemporary pedestrian access control products from Sectec. Join us to explore these pedestrian solutions that seek to redefine the face of security technology in the future through advanced security technologies.

SECTEC: Redefining Security Standards

SECTEC is a subsidiary of Küçükbakırcı Group which has established itself as an industry leader in security and transition control in a very short time. SECTEC is a quality-driven company that works out of a 20,000 square metre state-of-the-art facility in Konya’s 4th Organised Industrial Site. With a commitment to reinventing the way people view safety and access control, Sectec’s enthusiasm for creating cutting-edge transit turnstiles has solidified its place as an industry leader in physical access control security solutions.

What is Pedestrian Access Control?

Pedestrian access control implies any actions and techniques aimed at controlling the movements and access of pedestrians within specific territories. These systems make it possible to avoid free access of unauthorized persons to the territory of the restricted zones which increases safety and order. Facilities that employ access control can prevent unauthorized intrusion, track all entry points, and promote proper flow of pedestrian traffic. Various types of turnstiles and barriers are commonly used to achieve these goals, such as:

Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod Turnstiles are rotating structures, which are adopted often in areas of high public traffic to manage movement. They consist of three rotating arms set at a waist-high level for validation and can accommodate the passage of one person at a time only. These turnstiles provide orderly entry and exit points while enhancing security since only authorised individuals are allowed access to confined areas such as the sports arena, metro stations, or business premises.

Swing Gate Turnstiles

Swing gate turnstiles comprise a gate that is mounted on hinges in such a manner that it opens to allow people through once authorized to do so. These turnstiles are generally integrated with other electronic means of access control like card readers or biometric access control systems. Compared to other types of turnstiles, swing gate turnstiles are even more useful where access is an issue since they allow for wider doors to enable wheelchair and baby carriages access. They enable control of pedestrian traffic to restricted areas so that only permitted persons have access while maintaining ease of use.

Half-Height Turnstiles

Half-height ones, which are located at the height of the waist, are meant to regulate access while being more conspicuous than fully-height turnstiles. These turnstiles are recommended for areas that require an average level of control such as reception areas or train stations. They regulate people’s movements by admitting only one person at a time; reducing congestion, and increasing security by scrutinizing entry details at specific points.

Full-Height Turnstiles

Full-height turnstiles give a highly secure solution as the turnstiles run from the floor up to overhead height thus denying anyone access. These turnstiles are applied in secure areas including prisons, industries, and areas with high susceptibly to risks; they only allow persons with the right permit. Due to their ability to regulate the pace or flow of pedestrian traffic full-height turnstiles will dramatically reduce the possibilities of tailgating and or gate jumping thus increasing security.

Hygiene Barriers

Hygiene barriers are unique types of turnstiles that prevent people from entering certain areas unless they have washed or sanitized their hands as required. Such barriers make people wash their hands before getting to experience specific sectors, making environments like the food industry, hospitals, and laboratories safe for human health. Hygiene barriers entail hygiene checks that play a part in controlling the flow of pedestrians while at the same time sealing off the flow with added health precaution measures to ensure a clean environment.

Elevating Security with Cutting-Edge Pedestrian Access Control Solutions from SECTEC

Tripod Turnstiles

    • SECTEC Tripod Turnstiles offer manual passing techniques that may be adjusted to meet your security requirements, acting as a strong barrier against unauthorised entry.
    • With their adjustable transition intervals and smooth integration with many control systems, these turnstiles always offer the highest level of security.
    • Even in emergencies, these Tripod Turnstiles prioritise visibility and efficacy with their dual-coloured LED panels and audio warning lights.
    • Safety is still the top priority because, in an emergency, the turnstile arms stay in place, putting people’s lives first.
    • These turnstiles provide complete access control solutions by seamlessly integrating with fingerprint, facial recognition, and card scanning systems for heightened security measures.

Swing Gate Turnstiles

  • The elegant, two-way SECTEC Swing Gate Turnstiles provide users with both flair and utility.
  • These turnstiles are built to last the test of time because of their sturdy construction, which includes plexiglass and stainless steel.
  • These turnstiles have a wide 900mm passing range, which allows for easy access while upholding strict security regulations.
  • Access management is made simple by a seamless interaction with facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, and card reading systems.
  • SECTEC Swing Gate Turnstiles, with their dual-colour LED panels, perfectly integrate with modern architecture to bring a modern touch to any setting.

Half-Height Turnstiles

  • SECTEC Half-Height Turnstiles prioritise user safety and comfort with manually adjustable switching and straightforward user instruction.
  • These retractable arm turnstiles and dual-colour LED panels provide maximum safety without sacrificing functionality.
  • These turnstiles, which are made with open-top parts at waist height, allow people of all abilities to pass quickly and easily.
  • Because of the ergonomic design, which ensures rapid travel without any obstacles, users may move their upper bodies freely.

Full-Height Turnstiles

  • SECTEC Full-Height Turnstiles are designed with three or four arms to provide strong barriers against unwanted access. They are engineered for optimum security.
  • These turnstiles efficiently prevent unwanted access while facilitating easy access for authorised users thanks to their automated opening and shutting features.
  • Strict access control measures are ensured by integration with state-of-the-art technology including face, fingerprint, and card scanning devices.
  • SECTEC Full-Height Turnstiles provide comfort in high-security settings by striking the ideal balance between security and use.

Hygiene Barriers

  • SECTEC Hygiene Barriers, commonly referred to as Hygiene Tourniquets, are designed to provide maximum hygiene without sacrificing security, making them ideal for use in public spaces and high-traffic businesses.
  • These barriers, which have antimicrobial coatings, stop bacteria from growing on their surfaces and keep users’ environments sanitary.
  • Dispensers with integrated disinfectants make it simple for people to wash their hands, encouraging good hygiene in public places.
  • SECTEC Hygiene Barriers provide a comprehensive solution for contemporary security concerns, making them ideal for settings where safety and cleanliness are of the utmost importance.

Conclusion: Prepare Today for a Safer Tomorrow with SECTEC

As the security threats become more and more complicated SECTEC continues to shine bright as a company that is ready to provide its clients with unparalleled solutions for pedestrian access control based on the latest technological advancements. Every product is an example of our dedication to creating top-quality, safe, and customer-focused products ranging from turnstiles to hygiene barriers. As we keep testing technical boundaries while setting industry norms, we encourage you to join us in embracing the future of security solutions. Why not transform your pedestrian access control systems today with SECTEC to get a feel of their efficiency? Contact Stebilex Systems now and embark on improvements that will lead to a safer tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes SECTEC's pedestrian access control solutions stand out from other brands in the market?

The unique features of SECTEC’s pedestrian access control solutions include dual-coloured LED panels with audible warning lights, adjustable transition times, and seamless connection with a variety of control systems, all of which guarantee excellent security and visibility—even in an emergency.

Can you provide detailed specifications and customisation options for SECTEC Tripod Turnstiles?

SECTEC Tripod Turnstiles provide complete access control solutions with customisable manual passing options, smooth connection with card reading systems, fingerprint and facial recognition, and more. Constructed from robust materials, they offer dependability and longevity while infusing any setting with a dash of contemporary style.

How do SECTEC Swing Gate Turnstiles integrate with existing security systems such as card readers and facial recognition technology?

Swing gate turnstiles by SECTEC blend design and functionality to provide users with a smooth, two-way path. These turnstiles are made to last, with materials like plexiglass and stainless steel that provide dependability and durability throughout time.

What are the primary benefits of choosing SECTEC Full-Height Turnstiles for high-security environments?

SECTEC Full-Height Turnstiles have three or four arms, which provide strong barriers against unauthorised access. These turnstiles efficiently prevent unwanted entrance while facilitating easy access for authorised customers thanks to their automated opening and shutting systems.

How do SECTEC Hygiene Barriers ensure both security and hygiene in high-traffic areas?

Hygiene Tourniquets, often called SECTEC Hygiene Barriers, put hygiene first without sacrificing security. These barriers, which have built-in disinfectant dispensers and antimicrobial coatings, guarantee a clean environment for anyone using them in public areas.

What kind of after-sales support and maintenance services does SECTEC offer for its products?

SECTEC provides after-sales assistance and maintenance to guarantee that its products work optimally. Our devoted team is committed to offering prompt and efficient solutions to fulfil the demands of our clients, from installation help to troubleshooting.

Can SECTEC's access control solutions be tailored to meet the specific security needs of different industries?

Yes, access control systems from SECTEC may be specifically designed to fit the unique security requirements of various sectors. Our adaptable solutions provide the best possible security for a range of situations, whether it involves changing the way things are passed through or combining them with current security systems.

How does the installation process work for SECTEC's turnstiles and hygiene barriers? Is there support provided?

Complete installation assistance is included with SECTEC’s turnstiles and hygiene barriers. Throughout the installation process, our staff offers assistance to ensure a smooth integration with the current infrastructure and peak performance.

What safety features are included in SECTEC's Half-Height Turnstiles to ensure user convenience and security?

Half-height turnstiles from SECTEC put user comfort and security first with features like retractable arms and dual-colour LED panels. These turnstiles, which are made with open-top parts at waist height, allow people of all abilities to pass quickly and easily.

What are the lead times for ordering and receiving SECTEC pedestrian access control products?

The amount of customisation needed and the volume of orders placed can affect the lead times for ordering and delivering SECTEC pedestrian access control products. For customised lead time estimates that meet your demands, get in touch with our sales team.

Are there any warranty or guarantee terms for SECTEC products, and what do they cover?

To ensure customer satisfaction and cover production flaws, SECTEC products come with warranty or guarantee conditions. For detailed warranty information, you can connect with our sales team.