Sectec (SCT110) Double Leg Slim Tripod Turnstile

Introducing the Sectec Double Leg (Slim) Tripod Turnstile, crafted for robustness in high-traffic zones like stadiums, prisons, and metro lines. Its full-height design ensures top-tier security compliance with durable stainless steel construction.

Key Features

  • Built Tough Constructed with 1.2mm thick stainless steel, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Customizable Aesthetics Optional electrostatic powder coating offers a variety of colour choices for seamless integration.
  • All-Weather Performance With an IP54 rating (Ops. IP56) and operating temperatures ranging from -20°C to +68°C (Op: -50°C with heater), it’s ready for any climate.
  • Flexible Operations Adjustable manual switching in both directions, along with configurable functions like switching time and memory mode.
  • Comprehensive Compatibility Compatible with various access control units and token systems, with optional RS232-485 or LAN connectivity for enhanced functionality.

Engineered for the most demanding environments, the Sectec Double Leg (Slim) Tripod Turnstile ensures unparalleled security and durability. Its robust stainless steel body, available in 304 or optional 316 grade, resists corrosion, while the optional powder coating adds a layer of protection against rust and wear.

Equipped with advanced features like adjustable switching directions and memory mode, this turnstile offers flexibility to adapt to your specific needs. In emergencies, the handles remain idle to facilitate swift evacuation. Additionally, its low power consumption and adaptable power supply system ensure cost-effective and reliable operation, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic facilities requiring top-notch security solutions.

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Enhance security at entrances with Sectec Double Leg (Slim) Tripod Turnstile supplied by Stebilex Systems. Operating seamlessly in extreme temperatures with adjustable features and optional accessories for enhanced functionality SCT-110 is the perfect fit for your premises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Sectec Double Leg (Slim) Tripod Turnstile be integrated with our existing access control system?

Yes, you may improve productivity and security by integrating the Sectec Double Leg (Slim) Tripod Turnstile smoothly with your current access control system.

What are the customization options available for the aesthetics of the turnstile?

Turnstile aesthetics may be tailored to match your environment with choices like electrostatic powder painting in different colours or stainless steel finishes.

How easy is it to install and maintain this turnstile?

This turnstile is easy to install and maintain, which means that your operations will run smoothly and that maintenance activities will take up less time.

Does the turnstile come with any warranty or after-sales support?

The turnstile is covered by a warranty and offers extensive post-purchase assistance to resolve any problems and guarantee trouble-free operation for the duration of its life.

Can the turnstile operate smoothly in high-traffic areas without any risk of malfunction?

The turnstile’s design minimises the possibility of malfunction and allows for dependable access control in congested spaces, even in high-traffic regions.

Are there any additional security features beyond the standard operation of the turnstile?

Apart from its conventional functions, the turnstile provides additional security elements that reinforce safety measures beyond their basic capabilities.

Can the turnstile be configured to meet specific security protocols or regulations?

The turnstile may be configured to follow certain security guidelines or rules, guaranteeing compliance and custom solutions for your requirements.

What type of power supply does the turnstile require, and does it offer any backup power options?

The turnstile may run continuously even during power outages with an optional backup 110/220V AC power source.

How durable is the turnstile in harsh weather conditions or environments prone to corrosion?

The turnstile is long-lasting and robust, designed to endure severe weather and settings that are prone to rust.

Can the turnstile be remotely monitored or controlled, especially in case of emergencies or maintenance needs?

The turnstile’s remote monitoring and control features improve security management, particularly in times of emergency or when repair is necessary.

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